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Rock It by Jennifer Chance 
This book was quite refreshing from a typical rockstar romance. I have always been a groupie when it comes to rock star books and this one didn't disappoint me. I quickly fell in love with Dante and he left me breathless!! 
Lacey was a die hard life long fan of Dante's and I love when she had the chance to work for him that her dream came true. You can feel that undeniable attraction but yet you knew he was a rock star and could have any woman he wanted. I enjoyed the excitement as the story unfolded and the chemistry between them is off the charts!! I love seeing Dante being mesmerized by her and knowing what he wanted and he certainly went after it. I love seeing the different side to Lacey and that made for a great part of the story and I was drawn into their story. I must add that there were some parts that did seem to slow down and I just really wanted it to pick back up the pace a little but I do recommend this book and encourage any rockstar fan to check this one out!! 
The sequel, Fake It, has just been released!! I will be checking it out!!

Breathe With Me by Kristen Proby 
This is book 7 in the With Me in Seattle Series and as it gets closer to ending, I’m getting very sad. Breathe with Me is Mark’s story, who we know is Luke’s brother, and how he had a second chance at love. He fell in love with Meredith in high school and knew he would do anything for her, but sometimes we know life isn’t always as we had planned. Sometimes people choose life over love. Years later when he ran into Meredith, they both felt those same sparks and I loved their connection. It goes to show true love never dies. 
One of my favorite parts of all of this series is to see couples from every book appear in each book and I must compliment Kristen for how well she does blend everyone into the mix. My favorite part of each book is the drunk sex talk amongst the girls. I find myself laughing hysterically and trying not to wake up my husband. But, with that being said, I liked this book but didn’t love it. Don’t get me wrong because I enjoy when someone always get that second chance in love but I did find this lacking a little for me. Not a lot but as much as I love Mark, this just wasn’t one of my favorites. I think since I fell in love with Luke in book one and then Nate, that they are hard to beat. The hotness factor is off the charts with all of the Montgomery and Williams men because they are all sex on a stick!! It is still one of my favorite series and I’m ready for the next one!!

Beware by Shanora Williams
After hearing all the hype over this book, I decided to add it to the top of my TBR list and it was quite different than what I thought it was.
London has lost everyone in her life and is feeling so alone. When Ace takes her in to protect her, she doesn't realize he has ulterior motives for keeping her close. As they both decide to use each other, it becomes a hot romance that neither one can deny. Ace is certainly a bad, bad boy in more ways than one and I did love seeing him brought to his knees and have deeper emotions than what he started with.
With that being said, it did seem to drag in places and it made me want to just skim some of it to get to the end. It's kind of like a movie you just want to fast forward to see what happens. As I got closer to the end and thought I had it all figured out, I realized I was SO wrong!! It certainly wasn't what I expected by the end and I just felt like I wanted more from this book.

What I'm Reading Now

What Doesn’t Destroy Us by M.N. Forgy

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