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Rhett by J.S. Cooper
This is one of those books that I am so torn about.  Rhett really pissed me off with his cocky attitude and I just wanted to knock him down a peg or two.  He’s arrogant and thinks he can have any woman he wants, and he certainly indulges!

Clementine was Rhett’s best friend since they were little and he really seemed to take her for granted, until she told him she was moving.  Clementine wanted to save herself until she got married but she had always loved Rhett.  But, of course, he never noticed her because he was too much into himself and his whoring ways. 

As things changed, Rhett realized he had deeper feelings for Clementine than he ever thought possible, for her or any woman.

“Clementine O’Hara, you’re the anchor to my ship, the fire in my sun, the water to my ocean.  You’re the love in my heart, the breath in my air, and the voice in my dreams.  You’re my everything.”

Even though I started out really hating him and wanting to slap him for being such an ass, I must say he did redeem himself by the end.

“I want to give you the moon, the stars, the entire galaxy.  I love you with every beat of my heart.  I can’t live without you.” – Rhett

To me, this book was a really easy read but didn’t seem to have much depth for me.  As much as I did love Rhett by the end, I think I was still mad at him because of the beginning and how he treated women.  I’m glad I read it, but it just didn’t give me that amazing factor that I love so much in books.

Taming The Storm by Samantha Towle
This is book three in the Storm series and if any manwhore could change his ways and blow my mind, that would be Tom.  We met him in the first two books and he seemed to just screw his way through more women than he could possibly count.

Little did he know that working with Lyla would change him so much and make him re-think his ways.  Lyla hated men and I can’t really blame her with the way her brother destroyed her and her faith in men.

When Lyla’s band goes on tour and they need a manager, Jake (Weathers) sends Tom to be the manager for their tour.  Well, this definitely makes a recipe for disaster!!  As much as I hated Tom in the previous books, he really changed and so much for the better!  I was really impressed with him because he sure came a long way in this book.  Tom wasn’t an easy man to get close to.  He had his own demons that made him hard to break through his walls he had put up so long ago.

“I’m in love with you, Ly.  I have been for a long time.  It just took me a while to realize it.  And when I did, I realized that my fears don’t mean shit anymore.  I would give up everything, including myself, for you…because I would rather have a moment of everything with you than a lifetime of nothing.”

Tom and Lyla were hot and steamy and yet so frustrating.  Once Lyla came face to face with her past, she realized she could love again.  Tom sure had his work cut out for him by reaching in and trying to save her broken self.

“I’m nothing without you, Ly.  I just don’t work without you.  You’ve broken me.”

Who wouldn’t love a guy who could really change his spots to fall in love with a woman, especially Lyla?  They rocked each other’s world and they both grew so much in this book that it really shocked me and I ended up really swooning over Tom by the end.  If you loved the previous books but hated Tom, then this one will really change your mind!!

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Falling For Fitz by Katy Regnery

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Lead by Kylie Scott

Rogue by Katy Evans

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