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What I Read Last Week

Seduce Me by Ryan Michele 
I knew when I read Ravage Me that I would jump on this one as soon as it came out and I certainly wasn't disappointed. 
Seeing Casey and GT go from friends to lovers, then separated made for a great story and I quickly fell in love with them. As much as there were moments that I did love GT, there were some that I was so mad at him, but it seemed to equal out in the end. Besides being one hot biker and getting more into the club, I love how it intertwined with book one because I loved Harlow in book one. 
I can easily say I'm hooked on the Ravage MC and I'm so ready for more!! 

Better When He’s Bad by Jay Crownover 
I've always been a fan of Jay Crownover and I think I fell more in love with her writing after this one!! 
Shane is one true bad boy and not only the good kind of bad, but the bad bad boy. (Did you get that? lol) He's just been released from prison and looking for answers, while also trying to find his best friend that disappeared. He's tough, from the wrong side of the tracks, and was never looking for any kind of relationship, until Dovie came along. 
Dovie is his best friend's sister and was certainly not impressed with Shane from the start. He's one you love to hate but yet you want more of him. Dovie had a horrible childhood which made my heart really break for her. But she was a survivor and was making it on her own just fine until Shane barged into her life. 
I love that Dovie was so strong and didn't put up with Shane's attitude. She gave as good as she got and I think that is exactly what made them a great couple because I think they evened each other out and made a great team. They find themselves in danger because of his past and there was one curveball thrown into the story that I wasn't expecting and it made a great twist to this book. 
Shane is one HOT bad, bad boy you need to check out and I'm wanting more from The Point!! 

Wrecked by Emily Snow 
If you're looking for a title that fits the book perfectly, then this is the one to check out, because Evie sure wrecked her life, but Rhys was there to pick up the pieces. 
Evie's sister had been killed and she practically destroyed her family by revealing her dad's affairs. After finding herself ready for a new start, she goes to college in search of an escape. Little did she know her music teacher, Rhys, would be the one to repair her wrecked soul. But his past sure comes into play when Evie finds out his brother was responsible for her sister's death. What a tangled web we weave with this one, but I was pulling for them to be together. 
I love the way their relationship progressed even when facing her parents with Rhys was one obstacle she had to overcome. I fell for Rhys from the start and I love how they were there for each other because both had experienced some kind of loss, but yet it was different. Rhys and Evie made a great couple and I think together they made each other stronger. 
I had this book on my wish list forever and was so glad to get my hands on it as soon as it was released. If you're looking for a story of love, loss, and finding a new path, then this one you need to read!!

What I Am Reading Now

Lock & Key by Cat Porter

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