Julie Reviews Breaking Up With Barrett by Katy Regnery

Breaking Up with Barrett is the first of five books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are all on the look-out for love. 

(Except Alex. He's a womanizing manwhore. And maybe Stratton, because he's wicked hot, but super awkward around girls.)

Barrett English, aka "the Shark," is the fair-haired, first-born of the English brothers, and the CEO of the oldest, most prestigious investment banking firm in Philadelphia. He rules the boardroom with an iron fist, refusing to take no for an answer and always getting his way.

Emily Edwards, a first-year doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, grew up in the gatehouse on the outskirts of Barrett's childhood estate. The daughter of his family's gardener and housekeeper, she was always looking through the window of privilege, but forced to remember her place at the very periphery of the kingdom.

When business partners suggest that a fiancee might soften Barrett's image over business dinners, he approaches Emily for the "job" of fiancee. And while love wasn't necessarily on Barrett's radar, he begins to realize that Emily always has been. But will his take-no-prisoners boardroom tactics work on the heart of the woman he loves?



Katy has quickly become one of my favorite authors and after reading “Playing for Love at Deep Haven”, I knew I wanted more of her work. So when The English Brothers’ series came out, I jumped on it and I’m so glad I did!!

Barrett was the CEO of his million dollar corporation with his four brothers and was known as ‘the Shark’ to his fellow business associates. He would stop at nothing to get what he wanted in his career but didn’t want any type of relationship. He had no clue about love. He was a no strings kind of guy so when he hired Emily to portray his fiancĂ©, he thought he was ‘safe’ with her.

Emily was a student who had developed feelings for Barrett and when he offered her the job, she really couldn’t turn it down. Her parents worked for the English family and she felt she couldn’t compare to the prestigious women who were in Barrett’s life. But, she knew she needed the money to help with school and keep her afloat with her bills.

The really touching part of this story that made me fall in love with this book was that it will really make you believe in first love/young love. Barrett was just a child when Emily was born but from the moment he held her, he had feelings for her. 

“I have always loved you. You were a tiny baby and I was a little boy and you reached into my chest and stole my heart, and it’s been yours ever since. You’re home and sweetness and truth and brilliance and you’re sexy and teasing and the most fun I ever had. And if you want to know what’s real, here’s the most elemental truth I know. You’re the love of my life, Emily Edwards. And whatever it takes, I’ll do it. Just to be with you.” - Barrett 

I must say that Barrett was ruthless when it came to business but when it came to Emily, all bets were off. He knew he wanted her and when she ‘broke off their engagement’, he had deeper feelings for her than he ever thought possible. He ended up manipulating her into one last job and that was all it took!! He wanted to make her his and as Barrett’s true character, he would stop at nothing!!

Who wouldn’t fall for Barrett? WOW, I’m in love with him myself!! I loved seeing how he softened so much in this book and learned that money wasn’t everything without the love of his life. Emily was one strong woman and when faced with Barrett’s ex (or we all know what kind of ‘buddy’ she was!) who tried to make Emily feel less worthy of Barrett because of her parents, she held her head high and didn’t waiver in front of the ex. I really admired Emily and I think that is one thing that I really liked about this book. She wasn’t someone who could be walked over and told what to do and how to act. They seemed to compliment each other and be exactly what they each needed to open their hearts and learn to love.

“You are so beautiful…it hurts to look at you.” – Barrett

Barrett was definitely a tycoon in the boardroom but when it came to Emily, he was so sincere and loving and I really fell in love with him. He had such a soft and tender side that really made me fall for him. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her and nothing he wouldn’t give her. Their love was so beautiful from the start, especially knowing that Barrett loved her from the time she was born. 

Katy’s work is so well written and makes you feel like you are really right there with them, experiencing what they are. This is the type of book that you really fall in love with and know that love really knows no bounds, and that true love does exist. I enjoyed meeting Barrett’s four other brothers and am looking forward to getting their story and that’s why I just dug into his brother, Fitz’s story in “Falling For Fitz”. Believe me, you will fall for the English brothers!!


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