Lea's Mad Lib Review of TAINT by SL JENNINGS

TAINT by SL Jennings

From the description of this book, I was expecting a slightly dark, gritty read filled with gratuitous sex lessons given by an ignoble instructor. While the latter still kind of describes our hero, the whole of the book negated most of my assumptions.

 Justice Drake teaches ladies, most he considers to be vapid, trophy wives, on the insistence of their womanizing, braggart husbands, the ins and out on how to bring sexy back. All in the hopes of encouraging said douchenozzle men to keep it in their pants. Sure, the very idea is ludicrous, as a chick I am highly offended, of course! I would just divorce the fucker before I participated in such indubitably disgusting and desperate ways to save an obviously worthless relationship, especially when the instructor is likely full of shit and has just created a rather nefarious way to boondoggle rich philandering schmucks out of large denominations of their hard-earned money, aka trust funds.

But newsflash, it's a book. I swear. Complete freaking fiction. And surprisingly...sweet?

Yeah, that's right. Justice—whom I assumed would be an incorrigible jerk trying to exploit his monopoly on undersexed, neglected women—was ridiculously sweet. His thoughts vacillate between the loneliness he endures while helping vacant women along a path of what will undoubtedly lead to divorce court, and savoring the comfort and solace that lifestyle provides him. 

And then, there's Ally. Of course, right? The one girl at sex-camp he is drawn to, whose husband is definitely not good enough for her, and who loves the fuck outta some FRIENDS—thereby cementing our long-lasting book-girlfriendship. It's a word, see, who cares if I just made it up. Reading as they watched episodes made me OH MY GOD ecstatic and probably lent to my affection towards this story, not even gonna lie. 

I really liked the story, the writing kept my attention, and I laughed a lot more than I anticipated. I even considered the plot to be pretty original, maybe not believable, as I have heard some complain, but people, let's get over these things. In my head, if I can accept that a vampire sparkles, anything is possible. Even women going to a dick in the desert for sex-ed.

The issues I had were that I wanted parts to be deeper, and the ending I had hoped for didn't quite come to fruition. Ominous, I know, but I can't say too much or I'll give it all away, and I am not that kind of girl! I don't care what you heard. 

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