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What I Read This Week:

Entice by Rachel Van Dyken
Entice is book #3 in the Eagle Elite Series.  They must be read in order to fully grasp the story.  If you haven't read Elite and Elect yet - what are you waiting for?????

It's no secret that Eagle Elite is one of my favorite series.  What's not to love about mysteriously hot alpha guys?  Chase was one of my favorite characters from Elite.  He was kind to Trace when she needed a friend.  So I was super excited to find out that this was Chase's book!

Mil was an awesome character.  She is strong-willed and snarky (my favorite) yet also cautious about giving away her heart.  She gave her heart to Chase a long time ago and her affections didn't get returned the way she expected.  So she is naturally reluctant to give it away again.  Chase is nursing a broken heart getting over losing Trace to Nixon while also dealing with these new developing feelings that he has for Mil.  I loved seeing Chase's tender and possessive side with Mil.  Let me just say that their chemistry together is HOT HOT HOT.

The other thing I loved about Entice was the clever scheming and conniving that takes place amongst not only the families but also with Nixon and Chase.  Getting Nixon's POV to show us how he manipulates the group was hilarious.  I was never quite sure what their next move was going to be.  It was entertaining and thrilling to follow their plans.

You will not be disappointed with this follow-up to Elite and Elect!  
5 Stars! Enjoy!

Tex's book is up next with Elicit and I CANNOT WAIT! Add it to your

Flat Out Celeste by Jessica Park
Flat Out Celeste is a follow-up to Flat Out Love.  The series is enhanced greatly by reading them together in order.  Flat Out Celeste is a full length novel that is Celeste's story from Flat Out Love.

Celeste is so quirky, sweet, and intelligent.  She is truly and unique character that I adored right from the beginning.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that there could be a character quite worthy of her.  Clearly Jessica Park is amazing because Justin is everything I could've ever imagined for Celeste and so much more.  He met her quirkiness trait for trait.  Her sweet, endearing personality was perfectly matched with his.  Not only do we get a romance with Celeste and Justin, we also get more of Matt and Julie.  We see more of our favorite moments too... more elevator scenes (swoon) and lying under christmas trees.  Plus new favorite scenes that are entirely Celeste and Justin.  In some ways this book is a mirror of Flat Out Love - but in a funhouse mirror kind of way.  Am I making any sense here whatsoever?   No?  Then let me jsut say that I'm just giddy with happiness over this book and I don't know what to say.  Please read it.  Read the whole series. You won't be disappointed!

Flat Out Celeste was just flat out brilliant.  I loved it even more than Flat Out Love - which definitely says something, because I adored Flat Out Love.  5++ Stars.  Quite possibly my favorite book of 2014 so far.

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