Julie Reviews Contessa by Lori L. Otto

CONTESSA (Choisise #1)
by Lori L Otto

The Choisie series is a follow-up to the Emi Lost and Found Series. Contessa is the beginning of the story for Olivia, who is Jack and Emi's daughter. 

I fell in love with Jack in the Emi Series and am so glad to get more of him in Contess, but the things that happened in this book really broke my heart.

Olivia was adopted by Jack and Emi and pretty much could have anything she wanted. Jack had nicknamed her Contessa because she was his little princess. She was so spoiled and some of the things she said and did to Jack just tore me apart.

At a young age, she met Jon at Nate's Art Room, which was a school they both attended ran by Nate’s mother. If you remember Nate from the Emi Series, he was a gifted artist and Emi's best friend. 

Jon was not rich like Olivia but he was spellbound by her at a young age. He knew her father wouldn’t allow him to see her but when she turned 16, all bets were off. They quickly began their courtship and he nicknamed her Choisie, as in his chosen one.

As time progressed and you get deeper into the relationship, I found myself starting to dislike Olivia. She had a crazy obsession with Nate and his paintings. She became slightly obsessed with Nate and wasn’t real, focusing solely on him, and some of the things she said to her father really made me lose a lot of respect for her. She was spoiled and so cruel. My heart just broke for Jack and what he had to endure with her.

I did fall for Jon and even though they are from different sides of the tracks, they work so well together and I love their blossoming romance. I was really ticked at her for not only disrespecting her father but for lying and disobeying him. But Lori never fails to amaze me with another great book and I give this one 5 stars!!!

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