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Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
I have a silly grin on my face now that I have finished Deer in Headlights. It was fun and witty and absolutely adorable. I’m always intrigued with a story involving Greek gods, even if I know nothing about them, and this was such an entertaining version. It puts all these gods and goddessess in the present, which makes them more relatable in a way. To pass the time, the gods have created a competition, using human players, unbeknownst to them. The game was so much fun! I never was quite sure who was going to win, Apollo or the never losing Aphrodite. (I was pulling for Apollo). Through the competition, we get Lex and Dean’s love story, which wasn’t always easy thanks to the interfering gods. We also get to know the history between several of the gods and see their different relationships. My heart broke for a few of them. The setting of Deer in Headlights switches from Olympus to New York and moves from the present to the past occasionally through various third person POVs, yet it all happened so effortlessly. I was never confused. It was weaved together to create a beautiful and fun story. Hart does a wonderful job with each character and the different gods; I want to hang out on Olympus with Perry, Heff, Dita, and even Ares and the rest of the gods. I’m now going straight to download the next in the series, this next competition is sure to be interesting!

Cursed by Cupid by Wendy Sparrow
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Cursed by Cupid is a delightful read. It’s really short—it took me all of an hour and a half to read—but I enjoyed every bit of it! It’s cute and entertaining. I found myself laughing the majority of this book. Tilly is absolutely adorable in her clumsiness and Bryant was a total sweetheart. This is the kind of story that’s the perfect pick-me-up between more serious books. It’s light, simple, and fun!

 Random by Lark O'Neal
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
I started off really liking this book. The beginning had me invested in Jess’s life and what she would do now that she no longer had a job. I loved Jess. I felt for what she had went through and was going through at such a young age. I loved her old soul. There were so many times throughout the story that I just wanted to hug her. Then there’s Tyler. As soon as I met him, I was definitely in lust with him. He seemed so sweet and perfect for Jess, but as I got to know him, I wasn’t quite feeling him. It’s was obvious he had secrets. Which created a lot of questions for me that didn’t get answered. I am aware this is a series and I hope to find out more about Tyler and his past in the next books. I just wanted more from him once things started coming out. Without any explanation now, it all just felt very…well, random. Also, everything happened too fast for me.  There was a lot going on and every page had some new drama.  
Overall, I did enjoy the book and the fact that it wasn't completely predictable. O'Neal has a writing style that flows easily and is very enjoyable to read. And I do plan to read more of the series to see what happens with Jess and hopefully get some answers about Tyler.
“Random things happen to everybody, but what really counts is how you manage them.”

Stoked by Lark O'Neal
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Apparently I liked Random enough to read more. I decided to go ahead and read Tyler's novella. I wanted to see something through his eyes and I'm glad I did. Stoked made me see Tyler in a slightly different light. I like him more now and his dedication for his sport. Although, I would still like more on his history. I really want details of his past and his relationship with his family. I feel like that is all glossed over, but it's the past that makes him how he is so knowing what he's been through would make me understand him more. Again, O'Neal writes in way that draws you in and keeps you interested. I am intrigued to see where things go now for both Tyler and Jess. The ending feels very up in the air, which I like. I can see the story going in several different directions which makes me anxious for the next in the series.

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