Teri Beth Reviews THE KEATYN CHRONICLES by Jillian Dodd

Stalk Me. Kiss Me. Date Me. Love Me. Adore Me. Hate Me.

I read this series as one long book, I can’t break it up into a review for each book, I can’t even tell you know what happened specifically in each book, since they just flowed seamlessly together. 

“A relationship should be defined by your feelings not by a status.” – STALK ME
Ten days. Scratch that, more like two days. That’s how long it took for me to fall head over heels for this series. The ten days is how long it took for me to read the five novels and one novella that are currently out in The Keatyn Chronicles. I had heard of this series, knew many people that read them and loved them. I kept saying, "oh I’ll read them" but I kept putting them off. My sister is a HUGE fan and I had heard her talk about it so much that I felt like I already knew the story and the characters. I thought I had it pegged. Ha, I am now kicking myself for ever thinking such a thing. Knowing what happens in them and experiencing it all are two very different things! Even though I’m kicking myself for putting this series off, I am ECSTATIC that I finally experienced them and am on one of the biggest book highs ever! Now I don’t want to leave Keatyn’s world or her friends.
“If only boys came with warning labels. Like, yours would be: Do not kiss when drunk. Riley’s would be: I’m going to sleep with you and your best friend too.” – KISS ME
This series is about Keatyn Douglas. When I first met her I wasn’t sure how I felt, she was a bit spoiled. I mean she’s rich, popular, part of the “It” couple in school and has a closet to die for. But she grated on my nerves a bit. Then I remembered she’s only 16, she’s acting how a teenager would. She falls in love easily and her emotions are a bit all over the place, but it didn’t take long for me to see a different side of her. To see how truly caring she is. She’s crazy fun, loving, and seriously strong when it comes to the decisions she has to make. Of course, there are certainly times during the series that I wanted to hit her upside the head, I totally yelled at her through my kindle often when it came to certain boys. But by the end of Hate Me, I truly loved Keatyn. I feel like she’s my friend and I went through everything right by her side. I want the best for her. Over the course of the series, you go on a journey with Keatyn as you watch her grow up and learn to love herself, and hopefully by the end of GET ME she will really know who she is.
“I did it because I think it’s time you finally knew that the stars were always for you. Always. Only. Ever. For you.” – DATE ME
These books. Oh my. Hottie Heaven. For real. SO MANY HOTTIES. There’s even a God of All Hotties. There’s Brooklyn, Daemon, Cush, Riley, Dallas, Dawson, Aiden, Cooper and so many more. These guys are each swoon-worthy in their own way. Keaytn has a different type of relationship with each of these guys. Some are friends, even a few best friends, some are relationships, a few she loves and one is her true love. Hopefully we’ll find out who that is in GET ME. With each book, we learn a little more about certain guys and I loved seeing her relationships with them grow and change. We start out getting to know Brooklyn, Keatyn’s surfer best friend. She’s been in love with him for years. Then there’s the Cushman! Ha, I loved him and his player personality. Dallas is so fun, he constantly had me laughing, and Riley, I just love him. I honestly like all the guys to a certain extent. But one stands out for me. One guy made me swoon constantly, he melted my heart. I am totally Team Aiden.
“But as the stars start to glow across my ceiling, I can’t help but lie and wish he’d put up a moon.” – LOVE ME
Outside of all the boy drama, I love the storyline of this series. Keaytn has a stalker. I will say, I figured out pretty early on who her stalker was but that never took away from the intrigue of it all. Things become dangerous for Keaytn; her life drastically changes. I never knew what would happen when it came to the stalker as the series progressed. Just when I think things are calm, the rug gets pulled out from under my feet. I admire Keatyn’s strength during the whole situation, what she will do to keep her friends and family safe. I am anxiously waiting on pins and needles to see how things play out in the final installment of the series. 
“The sound of the ocean, watching the sun set, a good glass of wine, and your lips on mine.” – ADORE ME
Jillian Dodd has a writing style that really pulls you in, makes you feel, and makes you fall in love. These books aren’t written in chapters. They're written in days broken down into times. At first I struggled with it but it didn’t take long for it to work for me.  It ended up feeling perfect for the story. It was as if I were reading Keatyn’s diary or tagging along throughout the day. Each book ends in a cliffhanger, but the next one picks up in the exact same scene and I loved that. I loved finishing one book and moving right on to the next, so in a way I am glad I put of the series for awhile. Dodd does well with all the characters that are in the series, they each had their own personality, and I really felt like I knew them. 
“Every kiss. Every touch. Every single thing we do feels a hundred times better than anything I’ve ever done before. Because it’s with you.” – HATE ME
This series is fun and fast-paced, full of boy drama and angst, and totally sexy in a mature YA way. It had me laughing, almost crying, and falling in love. I LOVE this series and highly recommend it. Now to sit and not so patiently wait for the final installment, GET ME!

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