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What I Read this Week

It Ain’t Me Babe by Tillie Cole
Wow is all I can say about this book!! I've always been a fan of MC books and this one was more original than others I have read. You have action, suspense, and an amazing love story in the middle.
I guess what I liked most about this book is that I have followed news stories such as Waco that this is what made the book so different. It dealt with such real life situations. I do feel the need to defend the author for some of the bad reviews. Some reviews were saying boo to the rape and abuse of the children. But, it can and does really happen so what is so wrong about bringing the subject out in a book? It made it more real knowing that it really happens and is not just an idea of the author. Shit happens and people need to know things like this.
I applaud Tillie for going into the depths she went in this book and I was immediately hooked from start to finish. There are few books that you can say keep you interested through the entire book. My heart broke for Mae and what she endured, but Styx and Mae are one couple that I won't soon forget. My only complaint was that I hated to see it end. The scenes were so descriptive I felt I was right there with them. I encourage everyone to read this and learn about life and that sometimes it not an easy happily ever after.

Forever Ours by Cassia Leo 
Cassia has always been one of my favorite authors and to get the prequel to Chris and Claire’s story just made my week!! 
You get their story from the time she was homeless until she came into Jackie and Chris Knight’s house. I love seeing how they met, became close and what led up to their break-up leading to Relentless, book one in her Shattered Hearts’ Series. 
My heart just broke for Claire and seeing what that poor girl went through. Even though I knew what was going to happen due to reading Relentless, it was still heartbreaking knowing what was going to happen to them. One thing this book did was to change my perception of Chris. I had always been Team Adam but my feelings have changed and I realize Chris and Claire belong together and I am so glad to get their prequel!!

Blood of Cupids by Sophia Kenzie 
What a wild ride this was, literally for this MC book!! You have Grace, who is trying to escape the MC life that her father raised her in. She had witnessed her mother’s murder and wanted a new start. She never thought her one night stand with Ryan would lead to more excitement she had ever had in her life. She knew she wanted more from him but little did she know he was VP of the enemy of her dad’s club. There’s suspense, action, and a hot love scene in between. I fell in love with Ryan and this is one you want to check out!!

Nash by Jay Crownover 
I am so glad to get behind the scenes of Nash's story and I certainly wasn't disappointed. 
I love seeing a good cocky manwhore brought to his knees and Saint was just the one to tame him. Even though she has a past, part of which involved her being hurt by him in school, then hating him, and trying to learn to love again, she really put on a brave face and pulled herself through it. 
I love getting more into his relationship with his dad and getting some closure on that as well. If any two people who are really such opposites belong together, it's Nash and Saint. The chemistry between them is amazing as well. 
As much as I loved Nash's story, I still think Rule and Rome are my favorites!! Bring on Rowdy!

Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando 
This book is one of those that I didn't know what to expect by the synopsis but I'm sure glad I read it. 
Faye had just found her boyfriend cheating on her and was ready to start fresh. Little did she know that Dex, her ex's brother, would be the one to change her life!! Dex is HOT, HOT, and did I say HOT??? He's a member of the Wind Dragons' MC and Faye is a student going to law school. Talk about complete opposites? These two are definitely that!! 
I do that think is what made this book work for me. Faye doesn't succumb to the submissive ways of most old ladies. She's tough, smart, and oh so sarcastic!! I found myself dying laughing at her humor and loved the way she didn't put of with any of their BS. She stood up for what she wanted and the heat between Dex and her was off the charts. 
I am definitely looking forward to more of this series!!!

Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles 
What a tangled web this book was. You have Olivia who had been completely destroyed by her high school boyfriend Kelsy and was so broken. He had made her life miserable so leaving home and escaping to college was her only choice but what a mistake she made. Then, you have your baseball playing manwhore Brax, who caused even more of a scene from the moment he really did bump into her. Brax was so cocky and as much as I fell for him in the beginning, I was really mad at him before I liked him again. I love his pursuit of Olivia, how protective he is and how he always seemed to know what she was feeling. But peer pressure really done him in with this one. I really wanted to smack him around for some of the things he did in this book and at times I could see how the title really fit this book. 
My heart broke for Olivia and what she endured and to know she was still humiliated even more was that much more heartbreaking. When a part of her past really did come back to haunt her, I loved seeing Brax step up to try and protect her. Seeing him do that really redeemed him for me and I found myself really liking how much he did change in this book as well. 
Brax and Olivia are a perfect fit and seem to be just what the other one needs to be happy. As unusual of a couple they are: Brax a tough tatted bad boy and Olivia, a plain country girl, they really are perfect for each other in more ways than one. As much as I did like her making fun of his accent, I think it was carried a little too far because at times it seemed like that was a little too much for me but this book pleasantly surprised me and I really enjoyed it.

What I'm Reading Now

Contessa by Lori Otto

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