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Beautiful Ink by Nicole Reed
Nicole has never failed me with every book I've read of hers and this was another one that blew me away.  People have asked me if it's an MC book.  What a hard question, yes and no.  Yes, it deals with Helen's past which is part of the MC, but yet with her present she has tried to escape that life. 
Helen grew up in the life of an MC and it ended up breaking her body and soul.  Holden was her best friend who also grew up in the life and loved Helen for as long as he could remember.  When tragedy struck, she was forced to be closer to the club than she ever wanted to be. As she grew up and found herself deeper involved, she realized club life was not something she wanted.  She always wanted to be her own person and live her own life.
Holden always knew he would be a big part of the club and that would never change and he wanted Helen by his side.  I was really torn about him because you could see he loved her, wanted her to be happy, but yet he was so cruel.  When he did the only thing he knew to set her free, she took the opportunity and escaped, so to speak.
Helen found herself bouncing around from town to town and working in tattoo parlors.  This is the one thing I found so interesting within this book.  Everyone thinks tattoos are evil and ruin your body.  Well, read this book and you will change your mind.  Not only can they be beautiful but what an amazing story they can tell.  Helen fell in love with tattooing at a young age and knew that was what she always wanted to do.  Helen's story was on her skin and something she would always carry with her no matter where she was.
As she ended up at her latest shop, she realized she didn't want to run anymore and actually began to trust again, something she said she would never do. When Vin walks into the shop, she knows he's someone she would never fall for.  He's clean cut and has goodness written all over him.  As they get closer, you really know they are meant to be.  But, all things must come to an end because Vin has his secrets, and they are DEEP!!  They threaten to destroy them both, especially when her past really does come back to haunt her. 
As much as I did like Holden, I found myself also hating him.  You could tell he wanted to be good but yet he was bad.  Vin really pulled at my heart and I was sure hoping he would be able to save the day.  As they say opposites attract, and as much as Helen and Vin were opposites, they were a perfect match.  Nicole's writing never ceases to amaze me and I can't wait to get more!!
The Resurrection Of Aubrey Miller by LB Simmons
Read Kathy's review HERE.
This is the first book I've read by LB (yes, don't hate me) and I was simply blown away!!  Thanks to my friend Kathy for telling me about this because it captured me from the first chapter and didn't let go until I finished.  And, believe me, does this title fit a book more than any one I've read before.
Aubrey was surrounded by death in her life and the only way she knew how to cope was to withdraw from everyone and change her appearance so she would be 'different' and isolate herself even further.  She felt if she looked different, no one would want to be close. So she changed herself from the blonde haired all-American girl to all black and a lot of piercings.   Hence, the name Raven, which matched her spirit, completely black and soulless. 
She decided to start over and go away to college.  Upon entering her dorm, she meets her new roommate Quinn, who is the complete opposite of Raven.  She loves PINK and is so perky which really turns Raven off immediately and makes her want to just turn and run.  Then it gets even better when Kaeleb enters the picture.  Kaeleb ends up being a part of Raven's past that she has tried to forget. 
As time passes, Raven, Quinn, and Kaeleb really bond and forge this beautiful friendship.  As much as she tried to hide from Kaeleb, he never forgot his friend from years ago and noticed her from the start.  As they get closer, Raven starts to open up and wants Aubrey back.  Kaeleb always knew he had feelings for her but when he sees her the way she used to look, oh boy is he hooked even more!!
I loved to see how their relationship progressed.  Even when more tragedy struck, and Raven returns, can Kaeleb bring her back this time?  I quickly fell in love with him and he never seemed to give up on her.
This book was beautiful and my heart just broke for everything Aubrey experienced in her young life.  She went through so much heartache and was so broken but she really emerged into such a great heroine for me.  She really was resurrected and wanted to be healed from her past.  She grew from the tender bud into a beautiful flower.  This book was very descriptive and it made me feel like I was right there with them the entire time and I didn't want to come out.

How We Lived by Erin Butler 
Wow, what an emotional journey this was and be prepared with tissues.  Not only did my heart break for Kelsey but also for Chase.
Kelsey is 19 and just lost her brother Kyle in a tragic accident.  She is lost and feels so alone in the world until her brother's best friend, Chase, comes to the funeral.  Kelsey's life definitely isn't easy due to her parents and I really would have loved to slap them both!!
Chase, who is responsible for Kyle's death, is shunned from everyone, especially Kelsey's parents.  So when he steps back into her life, of course they don't make it easy at all. 
Kelsey and Chase have this undeniable bond because they grew up together and had Kyle to keep them all united.  Even though Kelsey has a boyfriend, she is certainly not feeling the love from him that she wants, which is something she definitely needs during this awful time in her life.  As much as they try to stay away, the only way she feels at peace is when she's sneaking into Chase's room and remembering the good times they had.
Chase realizes he's had strong feelings for Kelsey for awhile and you can really feel the love he has for her.  This is one emotional ride and I felt so bad for them both.  They were both destroyed and had to pick up the pieces but they were so much stronger with each other.  They seemed to be what the other one needed to be able to heal and move on.
This book will draw you in and really made me pull so hard for them both to get past their grief and move on with their lives and be together.  If any two people deserved to be together, Chase and Kelsey did.  This book was beautifully written and really pulled at my heart in so many ways.

Very Wicked Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills
Review To Come Next Week!!

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It Ain’t Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

What I'm Reading This Week

Nash by Jay Crownover

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