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What I read this week

Reasonable Doubt Volume 2 by Whitney G.
I absolutely loved the first part of this serial and like so many I was patiently waiting for the second installment to come out.  I wish I could say I loved it but I didn't.  I liked the story and I love the characters but nothing happened.  Just when the plot started to go somewhere, I turned the page and it was over!  Ugh!  I hate cliffs, especially when no answers are given.  Andrew is still awesome and I can't get enough of his dirty mouth and the sexy texts the two exchange, but I felt a little cheated on the length.  I'm not going to rate this one.  I read it, enjoyed it and will read the next one but I was hoping for more.  

Whisper To Me by Christina Lee
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Whisper To Me is the third book in the Between Breaths series, but can be read as a standalone.  I loved the first two books.  Christina Lee writes beautifully and her dialogue always comes across very natural.  I was super excited to hear Rachel's story.  She has been present in the previous two books but you know little about her except that she was once engaged, and now she has a thing for jocks. 
 This book wastes no time, going straight to the root of her problems.  Rachel not only left behind her hometown when she took off for college, she also left behind the girl she has always been.  After a horrible accident, involving her and her ex, her heart was ripped out when she was abandoned by him.  Through her recovery, her best friend's brother, Kai, was at her side.  When these two are reunited, old feelings are stirred up and the chemistry these two share is hot.  This book is so much more than sex though.  Rachel and Kai share a deep connection that is based on friendship.  It was so nice to read about a couple that had a strong foundation and was truly in love and not just lust.  This book was much more complex and deep than I had imagined it would be.  Rachel continued to surprise me.  She is such a strong female and has been through so much.  My first impression of her was so wrong.  Kai was swoon-worthy.  Not only is he young and sexy but he is also giving.  His character is well balanced and never came across as too much of a bad boy or too sappy.  I was sad to see this one end.  I really hope there are more books in this series because I adore each of these characters.  
4 Stars

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