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It Ain't Me, Babe by Tillie Cole
I'm a huge fan of MC books so when I saw this one I knew it was right up my alley. After reading the author's note and glossary, I was hooked. I love darker, gritty MC books and It Ain't Me, Babe didn't disappoint. It is so much more than a biker book; it is an emotional, heartbreaking and hopeful love story. I instantly fell in love with Salome and Styx. They are both unique characters that have struggled throughout life but remain strong individuals. Salome is unlike any other character I have read about. She was born and raised in a commune, under Prophet David’s rule. This part of the story really intrigued me. Salome's story broke my heart. This is such a touchy subject that is hard to read about. It was obvious that Tillie had done her homework because she created a realistic picture of a life that most of us have only ever heard about. Religion may play a huge part of life in the commune but the practices and life she lived were far from holy. My heart was shattered by the torture she sustained. As gruesome as some of the scenes were, they were done very tastefully, and I feel like they were necessary to get a true understanding of Salome. She is exactly how I pictured a woman in her position to be. She is sheltered, frightened and oblivious to the outside world. All she knows is what she has been taught, outsiders are sinners. The transformation she makes throughout the book is amazing. She couldn't have done it by herself though. Styx has shown back up in her life and the connection these two share is so much deeper than lust. Styx has managed to show up at a time when she feels like she has nothing else to live for. He isn't the same young boy that she saw all those years ago though. He is now the president of the Hades Hangmen. The Hangmen MC is not one of the cheesy MC clubs that you sometimes read about. They are dangerous and live by the brotherhood. Their lives are filled with sin and they live life to the fullest, without any rules. I loved every minute of the journey these two experienced throughout this novel. It has been a long time since I fell in love with both characters in a book. I really hope this will be a series because I want to know more about several of the supporting characters. 4.5 Stars!

Blind Faith (Sin Brothers #3) by Rebecca Zanetti
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Blind Faith is the third book in a series so I'm going to try my hardest not to give away any spoilers. A few months ago, I picked up the first book because the cover was hot as hell and I just quickly skimmed the synopsis. I usually don't read this type of book. I enjoy action-packed, military, and romance, but I usually don't enjoy scifi. In a rut, I needed a change and gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the book and I immediately picked up the sequel.
Each book in the series is about one of the four Grey, or now known as the Dean brothers. They were developed and genetically engineered by the government to be ruthless soldiers. Their childhood was filled with training, testing and missions, but the brothers desired a life where they were free. They are extremely loyal to one another and wanted to experience family like everyone else. Eventually they were able to break free but now they are faced with a new problem. They each have a kill chip in their spine that will destroy them in just a few weeks if they are unable to find the codes and deactivate them. In Blind Faith, it is Nate Dean's turn to do his part to help them obtain the freedom they crave. He is forced to reconnect with a woman from his past, Audrey Madison. In the other two books you are given a glimpse into the love that Audrey and Nate once shared. She is the woman who stole and broke his heart. Audrey isn't just a lost love, she is also the daughter of the evil Dr. Madison. Dr. Madison has made the Dean brothers' lives hell, and is one of the tormentors who practiced extreme and unethical experiments on the brothers. So as you can see, only complications could come from their reunion. 
I was very excited to start this book because of the little insight I had into their relationship. Unfortunately, the beginning didn't grab my attention like the previous books. I felt like the reunion and struggles that Nate and Audrey faced when they reunited were very repetitive. I wanted things to progress a little more quickly. I had hoped to get more answers and come closer to a resolution in this book. I knew there was going to be a fourth book in the series but I wanted to be further along in the story by this point. I love that there was a good balance between action and romance but I just felt like the story as a whole wasn't as good as the first two. I would have also liked to have more interaction between the brothers. Now I have to wait to get more answers and find out how these brothers will survive. I did enjoy the book and would recommend this series to those that enjoy action packed stories. 3.75 Stars 

The Professional by Kresley Cole
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
I'm fanning myself after finishing this one. It is hot as hell! After checking on Goodreads, it looks like this was a three-part series that was made into one book. I have to admit this is the first book I have read by Kresley Cole but it won't be the last. I love a good erotica book and The Professional hit the mark. Other than the hot sex scenes and BDSM element, there is also a good plot to the story. Natalie Porter is a typical college student that has been searching for her birth parents. Natalie is a virgin who has never met a man that wants her to do the deed. She is a very sexual woman but no one has interested her into taking the next step. That is until one night, a sexy Russian catches her attention at the bar. Sevastyan is not a man Natalie needs to get involved with. 
"I am an enforcer, a contract killer, and I pity you for piquing the lusts of a man like me." 
He is a very dark and dangerous man who has been sent to bring her to Moscow to meet her biological father, a Russian Mobster. Natalie's life is about to be turned upside down and the lust she has for Sevastyan is viewed differently in the mob world than what she is use to as a normal college student. Acting on it will put her in a position that she isn't sure she wants to be in. The problem is, these two can't keep their hands off one another. As the shit hits the fan and her life is in jeopardy, they are forced to spend time with one another. This is when things really heat up. 
I really enjoyed this one. It is told entirely from Natalie's POV and her inner thoughts were hilarious sometimes even though her life is anything but normal. On occasion it was hard to understand Sevastyan because he is a man of few words. He is very closed off and quiet. Other than the obsession and lust he has for Natalie, you really don't get to know him very well. He remains a mystery, until the end when you finally get answers. I wish the book would have been a little longer but it looks like his brothers may get books of their own, so I'll keep my eyes out for them. 4 Stars

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