Julie Reviews The Price of Love by Cassy Roop

The Price of Love by Cassy Roop
ARC provided by author.

What a twisted ride this was with a great love story in between.  My heart just broke for Kendall and I was pulling for her to overcome the darkness in her life and be able to move on.

Eight years ago, Kendall had experienced the worst loss a person could have; the loss of her parents.  It wasn’t an easy experience by no means because her insane boyfriend, Brett, was responsible for their death.

As she’s trying to move on with her new life and job in another state, she doesn’t realize the past can always come back to haunt her.  

Along comes Tristan Price, my new book boyfriend.  He’s quite sexy, rich, and very intriguing.  He knows what he wants from the start and that’s Kendall.  He sure had my attention from the beginning!!

Tristan holds the secret to Kendall’s past but is so afraid of her knowing the truth.  He knows he’s always had feelings for her but had to keep it to himself because he knows in the end it could destroy her.  He wants to protect her and keep her safe so he manages to get them together for solely work purposes, or so she thinks.

While working together, you can feel the heat between them, but Kendall has major trust issues and never wants to be controlled by another man.  Who can blame her after what she has suffered?  But, the more they are together, she knows she can’t fight him.  

As the story develops, Kendall realizes you can run but you can’t hide.  Tristan really does his best to protect her but sometimes your best might not enough.  As her demons resurface, she also finds out the truth that Tristan has been keeping from her and it really threw me for a loop.  I mean, I knew there was a secret but I was shocked!!

The Price of Love will pull you in from the start and keep you interested throughout the book.  The suspense was killing me and I couldn’t put it down.  I was pulling for them to get past their secrets so they could be together and believe me, it wasn’t an easy road for either of them.  Cassy pulled two people together through the most horrible circumstances and really will make you want to believe in second chances.  I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced suspense along with the romance of Tristan and Kendall that was scorching and I give this book 4.5 stars!!  It’s one you don’t want to miss!!

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