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Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron  
ARC provided by publishers via NetGalley
Sing Sweet Nightingale is captivating, creepy, and vividly descriptive. It pulled me in from the very beginning when Hudson breaks a vow he made to the dream world by fighting, which causes him to lose his little brother. I was immensely intrigued about the dream world and the powers of it from that point on. Hudson was a great hero to the story; he’s determined to save the girl he keeps seeing in his dreams. He’s not entirely perfect and that only adds to his charm. Mariella, the mystery girl, is deeply embedded in her Paradise and a bit weary when it comes to Hudson. I really loved the growth we see in her character as the story progresses and she learns the truth about her dream world. For the most part, the secondary characters were charming and highly entertaining. The romance wasn’t the focus of the story, it happened slowly. Sing Sweet Nightingale was paced perfectly, information slowly trickling out to keep me interested. The story-line was fresh and unique, keeping me on my toes, and honestly I could never guess what was going to happen next. I do have to say at times that I got confused, needing to reread parts to really grasp the idea being presented but that didn't take away from the overall story. I would highly recommend this book for any paranormal/fantasy fan. I can’t wait for the next installment!
“Love isn’t taking away what makes you special and hiding it so no one else can see it. True love would accept you the way you are or help you become the person you’re supposed to be.”

Hothouse Flower by Krista & Becca Ritchie 
This series, it’s just, just brilliant. One of the best new adult romance series ever, in my opinion. The characters, the stories, the relationships, I LOVE it all. (You can read my reviews for all the previous books HERE.) Ever since binge reading the Addicted series I have been waiting anxiously for Daisy and Ryke’s book. It did not disappoint. It was just as consuming, sexy, and real as the rest of the series. We have gotten to know Daisy a bit in the past books, we always saw her effervescent personality, but now we finally get to know her and her demons. Life isn’t as easy for her as she wants everyone to think. Only Ryke gets to see that vulnerable side of her. Their chemistry is undeniable. I felt it in every interaction. But Ryke is seven years older and there’s a clear line there that they aren’t supposed to be crossing. But sometimes those lines are meant to be crossed. I loved getting to know Ryke better in this book. Who would’ve thought that under his rough exterior and foul mouth there was a heart of gold? I just fell in love with him. We also got answers to questions about his history and we finally got to know how he really feels about his relationship with his parents and Lo. Speaking of Lo, I LOVED seeing Lo, Lily, Rose, and Connor. It’s always nice to catch up with the rest of the gang and see them through the other characters' eyes. The dynamics of this group of family and friends is always entertaining and often changing. Hothouse Flower was an absolutely wonderful addition to the Addicted series. The writing is superb as always, the pacing flawless, and it’s full of crazy adventures that suit Daisy and Ryke perfectly. I am ridiculously excited for the next installment of this series! 
“She’s the sun. I’m the dark. If she’s gone, I can kiss that fucking light away. Without her, I know I’ll never see it again.” 

With This Heart by R.S. Grey
Five Degrees? review to come!

What I Am Currently Reading

Flightless Bird by Paulina Ulrich

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