TB Reviews SHREDDED by Karen Avivi

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Do you remember the original Disney channel movies? (Sidenote: I miss those movies.) The one about the female dirt bike rider? Motorcrossed, I think it was. Well, the entire time I was reading SHREDDED I kept thinking about that movie. Maybe it was just the extreme sports aspect or it was possibly the way girls are discriminated against in these sports and that both the movie and SHREDDED showcase such. SHREDDED is a book I would recommend to any teen girl, it’s a book that isn’t about romance, it’s about a girl and her love of a sport that she’s an underdog in.

I know nothing, and I mean nothing about BMX. That didn’t stop me from being intrigued with the synopsis though; I like to read about things I’m not familiar with in hopes of becoming more informed. Avivi writes about it in a way that is easy to understand, I could envision the tricks and competitions vividly and easily. And I actually really enjoyed it. 

Josie Peters is passionate about her sport. She pushes herself constantly and when she falls, she just gets back up. That’s admirable at such a young age. She wants to change the people’s view of girl BMX riders, in the BMX community they aren’t taken seriously. I love her determination. Now, she’s still a seventeen-year-old girl, so of course she has boy problems but that is never in the forefront of the story. I also loved how involved her parents were and their views towards her riding. It was all very believable.

Josie has a great cast of friends that each brought something to the story. I really liked them all and the different relationships she had with them. Although I do feel as if things were left open-ended for some of them. I do hope that means this could continue as a series. 

SHREDDED is a great girl power book. There’s a strong heroine and a great message about doing what you want and believe in. Avivi does a wonderful job portraying the BMX world and making it all very realistic. I can’t wait to read more from this author!

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