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Mad Libs, Review Style:
Tears of Tess
By Pepper Winters
At the start of this book, Tess is in a relationship with Brax, an endearing guy even though he’s a little on the reserved side, especially in the bedroom.  The two set off for an exotic vacation, and she is excited about not only the beautiful locale, but also her brazen plans to seduce Brax into some orgasmic kink. Of course, he finds the idea horrific and they quickly decide to put her fantasies behind them.

“…I let Brax shove me back into the box where I belonged. The box labeled: perfect, innocent girlfriend who’d do anything for him, as long as it was in the dark and on my back.”

However wondrous their Mexican surroundings, the couple fails to realize how vulnerable they are to certain dangers, until it’s too late. A disconcerted Tess is barcoded, tagged, and shipped off to her new master with such mind-boggling fluidity, it definitely left me all the more paranoid about trafficking. 
Of course, that is also where the story gets all the more interesting. We are introduced to the notorious Q, and Tess turns up the cantankerous behavior despite her fears of the unknown this new life presents. I really worried for this girl’s safety from him, as well as from herself.  Even while she contemplates escape, I was reluctant for her to persevere, hoping she would just let it go and continue to live in the elegance and questionable comfort Q’s estate provided. She has an uncanny knack for running into trouble, as if life is just waiting for a chance to suck her in, gargle and spit her out.

And then, Q is such a mystery; I was confused by his obsessive need to alienate her when I suspected he was really quite enamored with her. He is so dark and broody with a mound of secrets, some of which I guessed rather early on and others I am still not sure of; I did hope his actions were that of a magnanimous man as opposed to an oppressive monster. Especially given the waft of chemistry between the two, you can’t help but ignore all sensibilities and hope for an HEA of some sort.

This is one of those stories that I was determined to read months ago, but after the massive amounts of hype surrounding it, I had to put if off for a bit. I am so glad I finally made the time to check it out. Tears of Tess is a stimulating read, full of vile actions and sexy secrets, and I cannot wait to read the next book! 
  Thank you to everyone for the wonderful words suggestions...
it made my job hard but so much more fun:) 
I just hope it made sense! 

What I Read This Week:

Her Best Laid Plans
BY Cara McKenna
Lately, I have been reading a lot of these super short novellas that I got off of Netgalley. I love that site, seriously, it's like my newest one-click habit. 
Anyhow, Her Best Laid Plans is about Jamie, a young woman who is vacationing alone in Ireland. After having put her life on hold while her now ex-boyfriend pursued his dream, she is ready to have a little fun before going back stateside to finally start college herself. Of course, she meets Connor and he seems to be the perfect thing to do on her ten day vacation.
For such a short story, I was pretty hooked. I honestly was worried that this was going to be straight sex, and while it was very sexy, it was also surprisingly sweet and funny. And yes, it might wrap up easily, but given the length, it totally works. 
If you have a couple hours to kill and would like to read about a hot Irishman and a witty American girl, you will love Her Best Laid Plans.

By Christine D'Abo
Another quickie. Nailed is about a young designer, Sophia, who just landed a gig on a show where they will be renovating a halfway house. This project is very important to her and not just because it's her first big job. Her co-host for the show is Flynn, a slightly famous builder. There is a lot of tension on set as the two go from fighting to doing other kinds of "ings." 
Although this novella was just as sexy and funny as the other one I read this week, I actually felt like some issues were rushed a bit. I needed a little more in regards to her father and exactly what went down with Carl. Even with those little glitches, it's still a decently developed plot, given the length, and I really loved Flynn.

What I'm Reading Now:

 Where You'll Find Me
By Erin Fletcher

What I Wanna Read Next:

Love, in English
By Karina Halle
Releases April 20th

Veiled Innocence
By Ella Frank

Quintessentially Q
By Pepper Winters

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