Lea's Week in Review

What I Read This Week:

By Helena Hunting
This is a super short prequel to the novel Clipped Wings. It gives a little taste into the main characters', Tenley and Hayden, lives before their story really takes off. It shows how they first meet and the thoughts that linger in each of their minds regarding one another. It didn't give too much insight into their characters, though it did leave me wanting more. I will definitely be dicing into Clipped Wings soon because even though we didn't see much, it left me curious as to how everything will play out!

By Huntley Fitzpartick
I have been waiting to read this book since it came out. I was on the waiting list at my local library for what felt like forever. As it turns out, it was totally worth it. 
YA is probably my favorite genre, especially when the characters are smart and mature. Sam and Jase definitely fit that description.
Sam has lived next to Jase and his family for year, but her mother forbids she interact with his family. After being left to fend for herself due to her mom's hectic schedule and her sister's departure, Sam finds herself helping out and settling in with the family next door. 
Jase is such a responsible young man and I loved every minute that he graced the pages of this book. Sam is a great narrator, torn between her obligations to her mother and the warm family next door that have welcomes into their home as if she were family. Watching her build relationships with them was endearing, and little George, one of the youngest of Jase's siblings, cracked me up every time he opened his mouth. 
I felt extremely sympathetic to Sam's issues regarding her mother and the events that unfold in the story, threatening to sever her new-found connection to Jase and his family. The ending felt a little rushed, but for the most part, I could not put this book down. I can't wait for the sequel, scheduled out next year.

By Katie Delahanty
I had heard great things about this book from Teri Beth and Julie, and knew they wouldn't steer me wrong. This was a great story about love, and learning to trust even after most of your instincts tell you to run. 
Olivia Bloom is new to the LA scene, and having befriended some very in-the-know people who happen to be her neighbors, she quickly gets a crash course on what to do, or in her case, what not to do. She came to the west coast in order to pursue her dreams in fashion, and quickly lands a great job for a lingerie designer. She also meets the man of her dreams, literally. Berkley is the lead singer of her favorite band, and though she is shy as can be and feels out of place, he sets his sights on her. The banter between Liv and her friends and Berkley, is cute and often times hilarious. I loved reading about her insecurities and doubts regarding her new place in the sun, so to speak, and regarding Berkley's intentions. I laughed throughout a lot of this book, but mostly it is a sweet story about two people coming together, ex movie star girlfriends and ex cheating boyfriends be damned. If you like light, sweet reads, you will definitely love In Bloom. I did, and can't wait to read the next installment in Berkley and Liv's story.

 What I'm Reading Now:

BY Andrea Randall
Release Date  April 14th

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