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What I Read Last Week:

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
ARC provided by publisher
Mia Holland is celebrating her college graduation in Las Vegas with her friends.  Mia is not excited about her plans after college, so this is her last opportunity to have a little fun and let loose.  Little does she know that a one night stand with a gorgeous french man will alter those plans.  Ansel can't bear the thought of letting Mia go after they spend the night together in Vegas.  He offers and encourages Mia to spend the summer with him in France.  An all expenses paid trip overseas for the summer with a hot french man? Sign me up!!

This was a really fun book.  One you can sit back, read and enjoy at the beach.  A light book, but a fulfilling romantic comedy that is well written and fully developed.  It was realistic and sweet with a few twists I didn't see coming.  There was a bit too much sex for me in the middle of the book, but I have to admit the sex was steamy!  The role-playing bedroom scenes had me grinning and I loved the backdrop of such a romantic location.

4 stars for this fantastic beach read! Just in time for the summer!
Releases May 13th

Five Ways to Fall by KA Tucker
ARC provided by publisher
Five Ways to Fall is book #4 in the Ten Tiny Breaths series but can be read as a standalone. I've been a big fan of all of KA Tucker's books and Five Ways to Fall did not disappoint. I was smiling and laughing with every page.  Yet, there was also real emotion and deep character development.  
Reese MacKay is one badass chick.  She is impulsive, has purple hair, and doesn't care what people think of her.  When she finds her husband cheating on her she vandalizes his home and hightails it out of there.  Calling her stepfather to bail her out of jail is not on her top 10 list of things to do.  He offers her a job in Miami so that she can clean up her act.  One last hurrah is a trip to Cancun with her friends, where she hopes to get over her ex-husband. 

Ben on vacation in Cancun after graduating law school.  He's there to have fun before returning to Miami for his first full time job as a lawyer.  When Ben sees Reese in Cancun he can't help but be attracted to her.  A one-night stand turns into an encounter that neither of them will soon forget.

"Besides, I've already found my Cancun fling.  Lina, meet Mr. Cuervo.  Mr. Cuervo... My best friend, Lina."  Leaning in, I waggle my brow and whisper, "If you're nice, he'll let you call him Jose.  I plan on spending the next six nights with this naughty little Mexican."

Reese is looking to turn her life around.... and forget that eventful night in Cancun.
She has a reputation at her stepfather's law firm.. and it's not June Cleaver.  She's moody and sarcastic.  You don't want to be on her bad side.  But she's good at what she does so everyone puts up with her attitude.  Until Ben walks in the door as a new hire.  Sparks fly as the two reconnect and spar with each other in and out of the office.  Unfortunately, office romance is prohibited in their workplace.

"She's like a sleeping dragon, so peaceful in slumber, so fiery when conscious."

I really enjoyed Ben sweeping Reese off her feet to his family's citrus grove.  The banter between the two was off the charts in and around the city.  In the country, it was so sweet to see them learn more about each other away from the rush of the city.  They still laughed and joked with each other but the simpleness of the environment allowed them to let their guards down and truly fall in love.

This is one book that you won't want to put down.  A permanent smile will be on your face as you savor every page well into the evening.  There really are not enough good words in my vocabulary to say about this series and Five Ways to Fall.  I always feel as though I get a full story from KA Tucker.  Fully developed main and secondary characters, plot, etc.  They always make my heart happy in the best way and are well worth the higher price point, in my opinion.  5 Stars for Five Ways to Fall!
Releases June 24th

Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst
ARC provided by publisher
Searching for Perfect is book #2 in the searching series.  Searching for Perfect follows up with Kennedy from the Kinnections matchmaking agency.  Kennedy is an expert on public relations, advertising, event planning, and even makeovers.  She is knows how to make love matches for her clients but not for herself.  Enter Nate, a rocket scientist looking for a wife to settle down and raise a family with.  Poor Nate is getting mixed romantic advice from his immature, man-whore brother, and women's magazines.  Kennedy takes Nate on as a client and vows to find him a mate.

Let me just admit up front: I am a sucker for a nerd hero. I love them! I can't get enough of them!  Nate was so adorable.  He was so socially awkward, but in a really direct, funny, and sweet way (Think The Big Bang Theory).  He really tried to research and get advice for the right way to pick up women.  Nothing prepared him for being in the moment, asking women out on a date.  He has an instant attraction to Kennedy but worries that she is too far out of his league.    

Kennedy really feels for Nate.  She knows that he means well... he just needs a bit of polishing.  Kennedy understands what it's like to be judged for your outward appearance so she can empathize with Nate.  She is also a closet science geek who is truly interested in Nate's work.  

Together they navigate a full makeover and some disastrous pick-up lines.  Their ribbing with each other was a delight to read and once they finally came together it was orgasmic.  Let me tell you... nerds really do have the best sex!  I never thought science and research belonged in the bedroom.... but nerd speak is HOT!

"You deserve multiple orgasms every day, sweetheart.  The female body is designed for pleasure in a way the male can never attain."

Make sure to pick up Searching for Perfect and enjoy this 5 Star book!
Releases April 29th

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Releases April 29th

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