Kathy's Week in Review

What I read this week:

Veiled Innocence 
by Ella Frank
What a roller coaster of a ride!  This book had my mouth hanging open and my mind working overtime.  Addison was such a brazen and bold character. She surprised me at every turn.  Half the time I had to reread her scenes because I just could not believe how unabashed she was.  Grayson had no idea what was in store for him when she walked into his classroom.  Grayson knew that a student/teacher relationship was wrong and he really did try his best to resist Addison.  That's pretty hard to do when you have a sexy, stalker vixen as a female student, offering herself to you at every turn. 

Veiled Innocence is told in alternating chapters of past and present tense.  In the past tense we see Addison and Grayson's romance unfold from the beginning.  In the present we find Addison committed to a mental institution, reasons unknown. I loved the timing of release of information in this book.  Just as we learn a bit of pertinent information in the past sequence we see its importance laid out in the present.  At the forefront of this novel is not only a forbidden romance, but also a mystery.

I've loved Ella Franks' other books - for the humor, the romance, and the sexiness.  Yet, Veiled Innocence brought her to a whole new level and showed her brilliance.  This was a definite page turner that kept me up at all hours reading.  The writing was fabulous and the ending was perfect.  5++ Stars for this amazing novel!


Broken Wings
 by Erika Ashby
I thoroughly enjoyed the touching and sweet novel.  Lynsie is living the dream with her husband and military pilot, Lincoln.  Lynsie wants everyone to experience the love she has so she makes it her mission to find a woman for their best friend, Dax.  When tragedy strikes Lynsie and Dax must depend on each other to survive their heartache.

The writing really makes you feel the emotions of each of the characters.  I was immersed in the novel from the very first page and felt every emotion right along with Lynsie, Lincoln, and Dax.  This is a book that will make your heart swell with tears and laughter.   Although its hard to think about characters moving on after such intense heartache, the progression of the novel felt natural and loving.
This is my first Erika Ashby novel but it will definitely not be the last.  I'm looking forward to many more by this talented author.  5 Sweet Stars for Broken Wings!  Fans of Searching for Tomorrow by Kathryn McNeill Crane will enjoy this novel.

Currently Reading 

A Beautiful Distraction
 by Kelsie Leverich

New Release I'm Excited About:

Love, In English
 by Karina Halle

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