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What I Read This Week:

Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher 
I finished Mud Vein a few days ago and I'm still not quite sure what I think of it. I LOVED 95% of the book. I loved the mystery. I loved the unique writing style. The story was exquisitely planned out. The timing of every scene dropped clues like breadcrumbs. It was an intense, twisted, story that I hardly know how to describe. Every page had me guessing and clamoring for more. Yet, as hooked as I was, the ending left me feeling depressed. I knew from quotes from the author that this story didn't have a happily ever after. But at the same time I wanted to see that the turmoil that this character went through had a purpose in the end.
So in a way I was disappointed in the ending. At the same time... I'm still thinking about this book days later. All in all I recommend this book for those who love a good, twisted mystery. Think along the lines of Gone Girl or Defending Jacob. Just don't go in expecting a romance. Think of it as a puzzle to solve and you will be a happy reader!

Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-up Christmas Relationship by Brittainy Cherry
Kayden Reece is trying to follow his dreams of being an actor.  Unfortunately, it is hard being the black sheep in a family of successful doctors and lawyers.   Jules Stone is the only non-actress in her Oscar award-winning family.  Both Kayden and Jules know what it is like to not fit in with their family.  When Jules is afraid of disappointing her family she hires Kayden to pretend to be her boyfriend for the holidays.  What ensues is a completely hilarious novella that had me laughing out loud and grinning from ear to ear.

Kayden had me snorting with laughter in beginning of the novella.  Then he had me swooning when he was smooth talking Jules.  Poor Jules was very insecure, and Kayden won me over when he gave her the confidence she needed to get through the holiday with her family.  The family chaos and backstory  made me feel like I was watching it in the movie theatre it was so entertaining.  Yet, at the heart of the novella was a story about a guy and and girl who just wanted love and acceptance from their family and from each other.  In the end this was a highly entertaining novel that was not only humorous, but sweet and meaningful as well.  5 totally awesome stars for this novella!

Second Chances by Evan Grace
Stacy Hutchins is dating Mark, the undercover DEA agent who saved Bellamy in Starting Over.  She thinks their relationship is developing well until she find out that he is married with children.  When Stacy breaks it off with Mark he becomes abusive and begins stalking her.

Dustin hasn't forgotten the one month of passion that he had with Stacy last year.  When Stacy needs help, Dustin is more than willing to step in and assist.... hoping that it will lead to more.

I loved reading Dustin's POV.  He was sweet and attentive.  He truly loved and cared for Stacy.  She is understandably nervous about entering into any new relationships.  She has gotten burned and is afraid to get too attached and get let down again.  Dustin was great - he was careful about taking things slow and not pushing Stacy too hard.  Their romance developed slowly and was very natural, but once they hit the bedroom things really heated up!  Some of the sex scenes definitely had me blushing!

It was a real treat to revisit the families from the first book. One of the things I really love about serials is the opportunity to get invested in characters and follow-up with them.  We get to see Bellamy and Luke along with their young daughter and the rest of the clan.

Second Chances had a nice blend of romance and suspense.  There is just a little bit of suspense with the stalker angle, but not too much. It didn't overwhelm the book.  I thought it lacked that little something extra special to make it a great book, but overall this was a nice read.  3.5 stars!

Currently Reading:

Veiled Innocence 
by Ella Frank

On my To Be Read List:

The Will 
by Kristen Ashley

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