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What I Read This Week:

 LoveLines by S Walden
When I read the synopsis for this book I was immediately drawn to it.  I have a loved one who suffers from OCD so the topic is near and dear to me.  I wanted to read it just to see if the author "got it right".  The answer to that question is: Yes, she did.  In a BIG way.  Summer Walden did an amazing job in writing Bailey.  Her thoughts, feelings, and compulsions were endearing, heart-wrenching, and familiar.  She is so sweet, naive, and loving.  Yet, the quirks that define her personality also define her illness.  Reese is such a breath of fresh air.  His easy-going personality was a perfect match for Bailey.  He had me from "BeBoppin Bailey".  Not to mention that his hidden "naughty" side caught me by complete surprise, and gave this overly sweet book the umph it needed.  LoveLines featured plenty of laughs and a few sad moments.  Overall I think this is one gem of a book that you won't want to miss!  4.5 stars!

With this Heart by RS Grey
If you are looking for more than a few good laughs... pick up this book immediately!  I cannot remember the last time I laughed this much in a book!
Abby is on a mission.  She is entering a new phase in her life, so she is determined to make every moment count.  Starting with an epic road trip.  On a whim, the mysterious Beckham (Beck) joins her, changing her life forever. Road trips and laughter? Count me in!  

Abby is so sweet, naive, and a breath of fresh air.  She is young and hasn't gotten to really live her life to the fullest.  Until now.  She's pushing the envelope and on a mission.  I love how her thoughts are a total stream of consciousness.  When she thinks it, she blurts it out for all to hear.  Beck just makes me grin.  He helps Abby to open up and take risks that she isn't used to taking, all the while looking out for her and encouraging her.

Every sentence had me laughing out loud.  It is a good thing I wasn't eating or drinking while I read this one... I definitely would've been spitting out food a few times.  I just cannot say enough good things about this book.  With this Heart is a book that I think all romance readers will cherish.  It is my first book by RS Grey, but it definitely won't be the last.  5 HILARIOUS, AMAZING, FABULOUS, AWESOME stars for With this Heart.

Hidden by Catherine McKenzie
(ARC Netgalley)
When Jeff Manning is accidentally killed by a car accident on his way home from work, his wife and his family aren't the only ones grieving.  500 miles away, his coworker Tish Underhill is also devastated.  Told in alternating chapters we get three different points of view: Jeff, his wife Claire, and coworker Tish.  We get a glimpse into the lives of three people and how their story intersects.

"But, of course, everyone has regrets.  Loose ends.  Things they could do if they had more time."

Hidden definitely makes you think.  How many secrets does your spouse have?  What secrets do you keep from your spouse? Are you better off knowing or not knowing those secrets?  Is it better to be happy or so live unhappily yet fulfill your commitments to your job, your spouse, and your family?

"Everyone says that, but we all lie about things.  Little things, big things.  We all keep stuff hidden.  And the longer you're with someone, the more stuff there is like that, I think."

"Some people are meant to disappear from your life, to remain a memory, a faded possibility.  A curiosity.  I ought to know.  But when curiosity is so easily fulfilled, how do you avoid fulfilling it?  A button is pressed and you're friends again."

Every scenario presented in this book was realistic.  Real life possibilities involving good people who never intended to hurt anyone.  I found this to be an engrossing page turner that kept me guessing until the end.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by Catherine McKenzie and look forward to the next!  4.5 Stars!

Starting Over by Evan Grace 
(Review originally posted on The To Be Read List)

Bellamy (Bell) has been in love with her brothers' best friend Luke since she was a little girl.  Once she turned 18 she maps out a plan of seduction to get her man.  After their one night of passion, Luke pushed Bell away, and severed ties for 6 long years.  Now Bell is coming back to her hometown to see her family, mend fences, and reveal her secret to Luke.  Luke hasn't forgotten about Bell (the best sex he has ever had) and some definite sparks fly when they are reunited.

I'm a sucker for brothers best friend romances.  Friends that grew up together? Check. Friendly, down-to-earth, sweet guy? Check.  Overprotective brothers? Check. Check.  Sweet, young, and innocent girl? Check.  They just draw me in and make me believe in happily ever afters.  Luke is afraid of having a relationship with Bellamy because of the close relationship he has with her brothers.  He is best friends with her twin brothers.  His parents are best friends with her parents.  There are some seriously tight bonds between these two families.  

When Bellamy and Luke reunite the two find it hard to fight their attraction.  Luke starts out being, well... an ass in the beginning.  There's just no way around it.  Once he gave in to his attraction he was really sweet and loving.  Bellamy was hesitant because of his reaction to her in the past.  I kept hoping that she would stand up for herself a bit with Luke and her family.  In the end she did take a stand with her family and Luke. 

I think the author did a nice job of giving a glimpse into two great families. Loving families without the baggage.  Almost an idyllic setting that you find yourself wishing you had.  Each of the characters had their own in-depth personalities and they all really cared and looked out for each other.

Starting Over has a little bit of everything: passion (Luke is HOT), romance, and even some action that will have you holding your breath at the end.  Pick up Starting Over so that you can meet Bellamy and Luke!

On my To Be Read List:

Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Second Chances by Evan Grace

New Release I'm looking Forward to:

The Will by Kristen Ashley

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