Kathy Reviews BACK TO YOU by Faith Andrews and THE RESURRECTION OF AUBREY MILLER by LB Simmons

I had the distinct pleasure of previewing two amazing five star books that release in the next week...... here are my reviews!

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller 
by LB Simmons

(Release date 4/25/14)
I am a huge fan of LB Simmons.  I have loved all of her books.  The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller is unlike anything else she has written before, but is her best written work to date.  You won't want to miss this AMAZING book!  

Aubrey Miller was once a bright-eyed happy child.  After the death of her family she lives in darkness worried that everyone she forms a relationship with will die.  She goes to college her freshman year hoping to keep to herself and complete her classes with as little social interaction as possible.  As soon as she enters her dorm room and finds out her roommate, Quinn has practically stepped right out of Legally Blonde that becomes a bigger challenge than she anticipated. 

I love how the sorrow of Aubrey was tempered with the bubbly humor from Quinn.  Not to mention that Kaeleb was a pretty awesome and understanding book boyfriend who reminded me more than a few times of Dean Holder (Hopeless by Colleen Hoover).  I hesitate to give too many details.  This is a novel that you need to experience without any pre-conceived ideas so that you can appreciate the beauty of it in its entirety.

"He leans into me and peers into my eyes as he states, "I'll help you get lost any time, Sunshine.  The only deal is you have to promise to come back.  I never want to lose you again."

I was completely engaged in The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller from page one.  The opening chapter was very soulful and the visual descriptions were so vivid.  Almost as if it were a movie playing in my mind. This is a book that calls for you to savor every word.  The emotions of Aubrey seeped into my heart and didn't leave after I finished.  LB Simmons brilliantly writes about the contrast between what shows on the outside and what is on the inside, and carries it over to every character in the book. 

"Sometimes in life, there are these random moments when everything just clicks.  When all the fragments of your fractured past fall together, merging in your mind to form a lucid image of your future.  Each mistake made becomes a vital piece as it serves whatever purpose necessary to complete the picture as a whole and suddenly everything becomes so clear."

I'm still in complete awe of this novel close to a month after finishing it.  It will undoubtedly be on my top 10 list for this year.  5+++ Extraordinary stars for The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller!!

Teaser by Jessica Alderette 

Back to You 
by Faith Andrews
(Release Date 4/29/14)
Back to You revisits Mia and Declan from Man of My Dreams.  If you haven't read Man of My Dreams stop reading this review and go read it! NOW! It's that good!

In Back to You we find Mia and Declan working to rebuild their marriage after the events from Man of My Dreams.  They are learning to trust each other again and work through their issues, including the need for Declan to travel for his job.  

"I have to do what's best for my marriage and if that means putting Mia before my career, then so be it.  I can find another job - I don't want to find another wife."

In Man of My Dreams we saw how everyday misconceptions can destroy a marriage.  In Back to You we see how a couple can heal and work through those issues.  How couples can make choices in favor of their marriage and their spouse.  

I thought it was a really great follow-up.... the novella did a great job showing how it's not really a perfect happily ever after... but a real life marriage that you have to work hard at. Yet, it still seemed like a fairy tale love. It was a perfect balance between sexy and sweet with just a tad bit of conflict.  

"It is entirely possible to love someone so much that it actually effects your physical being.  Your heart beats faster and stronger.  Your blood pumps wilder and thicker.  Your brain bends, chasing images and memories of the person who does all those incredible things to your body."

I'm in awe of how Faith Andrews makes me think.  I read and enjoy her books but also think about how they could relate to my own life.  How you have to work to have a fairy tale love.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED this follow-up to Man of My Dreams!! 5++ Stars!!

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