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Wow! I loved this one! For a novella it grabbed my attention right away and held it! Well that is a lie because the first line of the synopsis got my attention. I know, I'm a dirty girl but who can resist a line like, My cock has an appetite? Oh boy does it! Plus a filthy mouth to go along with it! I was in heaven! This is one hot little number and I can't wait to get my hands on the next one! Even though the sexiness is off the charts there is also a good story. I wasn't even pissed when it ended in a cliffhanger! 4.5 Sexy Stars

Mud Vein 
by Tarryn Fisher
Going into this one I knew very little and that is the way it should be.  What I did know was that Tarryn Fisher was going to rip my heart out and stomp on it.  I don't mean just a little smack with a boot.  I knew it was going to be a hard blow that left me in tiny little pieces.  So my feelings after reading Mud Vein were no surprise.  After finishing I thought about it for hours.  Even after an hour on the phone with a friend discussing it, I still couldn't sleep.  To say this book consumed me doesn't come close to how I feel.  As I sit here trying to think of a way to describe this book, without spoilers, the best I could come up with is to compare it to art. When most of us walk into a museum, our attention is immediately drawn to the beautiful landscapes.  You know the ones with a serene ocean scene, lush grass or colorful flowers.  We like things that make us happy.  Realistically, you know that, at one time or another that ocean or field has seen a storm, but it has survived.  It hasn't lost its beauty.  It's still intact, and it's getting its happily ever after.  Let's face it, that isn't how life usually is.  Life is complicated and evil at times.  That is why I love abstract art.  It is never literal.  Just like Mud Vein, it is deep and complex.  Mud Vein reminds me of an abstract, black and white piece of art that sits across the hall from the landscapes in a dark corner.  Most of us will just glance at it.  Our initial reaction might be, "What the fuck, how can someone think that is beautiful?"  At the same time most of us will want a closer look.  Some will see the artist's blood, sweat and tears right away.  Others will need to get up closer, and only then will they see some of its beauty.  They will see the long brush strokes and appreciate the way the colors blend together.  Unfortunately, some will never get it.  See, paintings and books are a lot alike.  Both are art, which is subjective.  Everyone will get something different out of it.  Some of us are used to seeing life as black and white, while others are blessed with color.  Regardless of the type of person you are, most can appreciate the creativity and hard work that goes into both.  To me, Mud Vein, is that abstract piece of work that I would love to hang on my wall.  Regardless of what anyone thinks about it, you are for sure going to get a reaction.  Tarryn Fisher is a true artist.  She knows just how to stir up emotions and make you feel uncomfortable. She makes you want to spend hours looking beyond the words she has printed in black and white.  Once you see the color, you understand its true beauty.  That is why Mud Vein is a 5 Star book for me!   

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