Danielle's Week in Review

What I read this week:

Inked Armor by Helena Hunting
(arc provided by publisher for honest review)
Inked Armor is the continuation of the captivating and intense story of Tenley and Hayden. I really enjoyed Clipped Wings but the book pissed me off. After I finished I had so many questions that were left unanswered and it ended in a major cliff! I knew I had to read Inked Armor immediately because I wanted to know what had happened in these two's lives that made them the broken people they are. Each of them have experienced a traumatic event that left them in pieces. In the first book you are given little glimpses and clues but the whole story was never revealed. It helped me fall in love with Hayden and Tenley but I never understood them fully. In Inked Armor their pasts are unraveled, especially Hayden’s. The growth that each Hayden and Tenley make is remarkable. It was nice to see two broken characters overcome and face their past head on. I appreciated that it never felt rushed. I just wish we would have gotten a little bit more information on Tenley. I was so invested in her story I wish we would have been given a little more insight into her relationship with her brother in law, Trey. I felt like there was a huge build up but the story lost its steam and came to a halt. Hayden’s past takes up the majority of Inked Armor. He has been struggling with the murder of his parents for the past 7 years. The more I found out about him, the more I fell in love with him. His little quarks and his OCD made him a fascinating character. My heart broke for him at times. He may come across as a bad ass but he is really sensitive and sweet and I just loved him. Hayden and Tenley’s story is a dark but beautiful one. They each make mistakes but the connection these two share holds them together as they face their problems head on. They are perfect for one another. I would rate Inked Armor and the series as a whole 4 Stars! 

Out of Control by Nina Croft
(arc provided by publisher for honest review)
While I can’t say that I loved this book, it was a very enjoyable read. The blurb immediately grabbed my attention. After reading the first few pages, I was sold. It was nice to read about a woman who has an Army career like Danielle. The idea of her being hired to protect a Hollywood heartthrob like Zachary was a nice role reversal. Unfortunately the story fell a little flat for me. Zach and Danielle’s relationship is interesting but I felt like it was lacking the sexual tension and build up that I look forward to in books. Zach pursues and seduces her but I wanted a little more interaction between the two of them. I felt like the storyline was little rushed with things moved a little too fast. Danielle is guarded and damaged by her past and I would have liked to get to know her a little better. I understood her actions and the reason she is so guarded but I needed a little more depth to the story. Overall, it was light, steamy book, but never gave me that wtf moment. It was well written and held my attention but was predictable. 3 Stars 

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