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**Arc provided by publisher for honest review**  
I've been reading a ton of novellas lately in between books.  Fix You, Bash and Olivia book one, grabbed my attention from the start.  I really enjoyed the story but I felt like it was too short.  Both Olivia and Bash are likeable characters and their chemistry is really hot but I wanted more interaction between the two.  The story moves really fast.  I understand that this a novella or serial, I'm not sure what the difference is, but I still want character development. I was left with several questions after I finished.  I'm hoping to get answers in the next book. Overall, I enjoyed the story and I'm looking forward to the next installment but it left me wanting more.  The worst part was it ended in a major cliff.  I will finish the series but I might wait until they are all available.
3.5 Stars

**Arc provided by publisher for honest review**
Night After Night is the first full length book in Lauren's new Seductive Nights series. There is a prequel novella, First Night which I highly recommend you read first. I've read several of Lauren Blakely's other books but I have to say this is the hottest one by far! After reading the novella I had an idea about how sexy this one was going to be but really it was just an introduction to the scorching chemistry between Julia and Clay. The sex isn't the only thing to the story though. There is actually a mysterious plot that goes along with this one. Julia is hiding some major secrets. You are givin hints and glimpses into her life and the secret she is keeping but the whole story isn't laid out. Clay, oh Clay he hates lies. He has been screwed over in the past and makes sure Julia knows how he feels. Clay is one of those men that speaks his mind, including in the bedroom. He has one of the dirtiest mouths I have read in a long time, and I loved every word. What started off as a one night stand, turned into a unbelievably hot weekend! The problem is secrets and lies usually come to surface and the relationship these two are starting to build is threatened. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book! 

I love Kristen Ashley!  You always know what you are going to get when you pick up one of her books, a hot alpha male, older characters and lots of action!  Kaleidoscope did not disappoint.  I've read several of the other books in the Colorado Mountain series, so I was excited to see some of my favorite characters.  Did I mention that is another reason why I love her books?  I love that each character has his or her own book but their story almost always continues with the series.  I think that is actually my favorite thing.  You really get to know her characters.  When I found out Jacob Deck was getting his own book I was excited. 
Kaleidoscope is a friends to lovers, love story.  Those are some of my favorites.  Jacob use to date Emme's best friend and the two have always had a special connection.  After his relationship fell apart the two lost contact.  Deck is brought to Gnaw Bone to help the police with an investigation the two are reunited.  Emme isn't the same girl Deck remembers.  Deck being the alpha male he is, makes her his.  Like all Kristen Ashley books the plot isn't that simple though.  With an investigation going and a dark past that Emme is hiding, life in Gnaw Bone is anything but normal.  I have to say it was a little light on the action part though.  At first I missed that but the love story is the shining star in this jewel!  I loved their story and the friendship that they share.  Once again Kristen Ashley out did her self with an awesome epilogue!  
4 Stars

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