Take Five: WITH THIS HEART by RS Grey

Some very highly opinionated ladies that love to read make up this wonderful blog; ladies who have varying ideas of what makes a book amazing and what causes a book to suck. Sure, sometimes we agree, but most of the time, we do not.
So, we decided, what better way is there to exhibit this than to all read and review the SAME book? And that is exactly what we did, and will try to do at least once a month from here on out.
There are a lot of us so this will be a LONG but SPOILER FREE review. It might sound crazy, or like a bunch of rambling, or it might come across pretty fucking kickass. Judge for yourself, but you have been forewarned. 
This month we selected a book that came highly recommended by another blogger friend:

Lea Says: You know how sometimes a book comes along and you hear a little whisper here and there, statuses of glee float through your newsfeed, a friend insists that you read it immediately? With this Heart is one of those little gems. After Danielle heard about and read it, we all followed suit, hoping to ride the refreshing wave that our other friends had already caught.

Danielle Says: Abby is a young woman who has been through more than most people her age. She has lived a sheltered life and is finally free. Throughout this book, you feel her innocence and inexperience. She says what she feels and I just adored her. I felt every one of her first experiences, her struggles, as well as her pain. It has been a while since a book has made me laugh and cry. Don’t let the crying scare you away! I smiled and laughed more!

Kathy Says: I cannot remember the last time I laughed this much in a book! 
Abby is so sweet, naive, and a breath of fresh air. She is young and hasn't had the chance to really live her life to the fullest. Until now. She's pushing the envelope and on a mission. I love how her thoughts are a total stream of consciousness. When she thinks it, she blurts it out for all to hear.

Teri Beth Says: I adore Abby; she’s quirky, loveable, and “slightly-dysfunctional.” She’s finally getting a chance to really live, and decides to go on a road trip. Her plans to go alone change once Beck enters the picture. Oh Beck, how I love him! He’s sweet and carefree. I fell for him the minute he spoke to Abby the first time. 

“I smiled then because I couldn’t help it anymore. It’s hard fighting relentlessly quirky charm.”
Kathy Says: Beck just makes me grin. He helps Abby to open up and take risks that she isn't used to taking, all the while looking out for her and encouraging her. Every sentence had me laughing out loud. It is a good thing I wasn't eating or drinking while I read this one...

Teri Beth: I enjoyed every minute of their road trip. Their witty banter, her relatable thoughts and actions, their chemistry. They have some great adventures on this trip but it’s not without some heartache along the way. I loved how Beck pushed her to do things she normally wouldn’t, helped her learn how to live. 

Danielle Says: Their road trip took me places that I never expected. As I read, I felt like I was right there snuggled up with them. So many people can tell a story but it takes talent to make you feel every emotion as if you were one of the characters. The conversations between these two not only made me laugh, but they helped me to understand them on a deeper level. Beck, well he is handsome and clever and stole my heart after their first encounter. A meeting that I will never forget because it happens in the most original place. 

Lea Says: I really loved that first meeting, and everything they did together throughout the story. Beck was the perfect person to bring Abby out of her safe zone and into the regular world. I really enjoyed that even during the little misunderstandings they had, any issues that they had trouble navigating, they did their best to understand one another.

Teri Beth Says: There was something so simple about their relationship, it felt so natural, and their connection was strong. Sure, they have a few obstacles, but overall, there was an ease to their love. 

“Our eyes told each other everything. They said ‘I love you’ even before we could verbalize the phrase.”
Julie Says: But beyond the humor and the lightheartedness of the two of them connecting and learning about each other, you get a great story from Abby. It makes me feel like I'm her diary and she's telling me everything along the way. She's quirky but that's what made her so special. My heart just broke for what this poor girl had to go through and to find it wasn't over yet just broke me even more.This book pulled at my emotions and at times I felt like I was right there with her, feeling what she was feeling. 

Lea Says: Yes, Abby had plenty of growing pains still left to endure and I felt she handled them gracefully. The scene with Queen Bee was hilarious and at the most sorrowful of times for young Abby. I loved how little bits of humor were woven into such sadness. It helped make this story one of a kind for me. 

Julie Says: With This Heart really makes you think and realize that no matter what you have to complain about, there are people like Abby in the world who just want to make it from day to day. She is a very strong girl and I admire her for so much she was able to accomplish in this book. She really grew from the scared and naive little girl into such a beautiful woman who now had goals in her life, something she had failed to do before. She actually wanted something and someone in her future. I immediately fell for Beck and I would have liked more of him but once I read it and understand it's Abby's story to tell, then I was quite satisfied. Beck is truly a sweetheart and my heart just breaks for him as well. 

Teri Beth Says: With This Heart is a delightful read full of highs and lows. It’s absolutely hilarious but heartbreakingly sad at times. I loved that it was told through Abby’s POV, and not Beck’s. He remains a bit mysterious, just allowing us to know and love him as Abby does. That was enough for me. While often light-hearted, this story also had depth. It was more than just a love story. It was Abby's journey of self-discovery and learning to live for herself. This is a wonderfully written, sweet tale of young love and loving life. With This Heart also has one of the best endings. It might be my favorite grand gestures of all grand gestures. It was so Abby and just adorable. 

Kathy Says: I just cannot say enough good things about this book. With this Heart is a book that I think all romance readers will cherish. It was my first book by RS Grey, but it definitely won't be the last. 

5 HILARIOUS, AMAZING, FABULOUS, AWESOME stars for With this Heart from all of us here at Lives and Breathes.

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