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By JA Huss
Meeting Ford in Manic and assuming his penchant for copulatory kink, especially after reading Slack, I kind of thought Taut would be more of the same. Even given the ending of Slack, where we see his little heart get all cracked up, I still believed this would be an overly sexy story about Ford finding a new pet, albeit a keeper.
You know what they say about assumptions, right?
After leaving that NYE party and heading to Vale, Ford finds himself strapped with the burden of Ashleigh and Kate.
Ashleigh is pretty freaking awesome, very forward, and surprisingly libidinous, right off. Ford starts messing with her head a little bit, the control freak maniac that he is, but she gives as good as she gets. However, things are way more complicated than what they may or may not do sexually. She is often times inconsolable, the sadness and sorrow undulating from her will make your heart ache. Ford agrees, hoping to somehow indemnify Ashleigh, to take them to LA, where she will confront her demons regarding Kate’s father. 
The road trip is a riot, ending in one of the most amazing dates ever. Ford made me swoon with his eudaemonic measures, and his hopes to garner something more than he ever thought possible. I never swoon. I swear. The smallest little things he thinks throughout the book left me sitting here grinning like a fool. I love him, I really do.
I can sum up this review in about two words: Fucking Ford.  I had no idea the level of amazingness stowed inside that head of his. He is such a complex character—hyper-intelligent, intimidatingly intense, sexy as fuck, and so bloody lovable I wanted to die. Seriously, the amount of cuteness he exudes in Taut nearly knocked me on my ass. I totally didn’t see that shit coming, that’s for sure. Fucking Ford gets 5 fantabulous stars!

All right, this one is going to be harder for me.  I really loved this book, but I know it won’t be for everyone. With an indie world full of fast-paced flow, tons of dialogue, and lots of sexy time, we are becoming spoiled. There! I said it! Stone me. Really, though, when was the last time you had to really read what you were reading? Dissect each line and try to come up with more meaning than what is there in print?
 A lot of people don’t enjoy such rich description, so much so that it could be sensory overload. Sensory overload from reading a book!? Shocking. I want that. I want to feel it, envision it. Sometimes I want to be shown through the writing, not told via dialogue and/or massive amounts of narrated introspection.
That being said, I understand how at first glance this book could be considered pretentious. Sure, but um, it’s not the writing so much as it is the character’s voice. She is an Upper East Side Manhattan teenager in her senior year of preparatory school. If that doesn’t scream pretension, I might need my hearing checked. I do not often use the term lyrical when referring to someone’s writing style. In fact, I sometimes find it nauseating when an author attempts to string their sentences together with a certain emphasis on overly used adjectives. Writing like this needs to be supported by tons of symbolism, metaphors, analogies—all of those terms we remember from school and reading some older literary work, or maybe the cliff’s notes for some of us.
This review is not going to go over the fine points of the storyline, nor will it even discuss the characters’ intentions and/or development. Nope. All I have to say is: read it, absorb it, and know going in that you are in for a beautifully written depiction of a student/teacher romance, with a perfect blend of angst, questionable morals, and yes, even some sexy times. It adds up to a 5 star read for me, but please, try it out for yourself.

By Jessica Park
The six of us read this and we are working on our 
next group review!!! Stay tuned. 

I was excited to get an ARC of Love Lines from S. Walden because I loved the Good/Better series and Going Under so much!! I just finished reading this last night, and I have to say, Reece had me at BeBoppin’ Bailey. This book really tugged on my heartstrings, from Reece’s childhood to Bailey’s anxieties over her disorder. I am not sure how true to form her experience is compared to actual cases of OCD, nevertheless, I felt for her character and her struggles. I enjoyed the pace of the book, though there were a couple slightly slow spots, and for a bit, things seemed almost too easy. I was shocked by some of Reece’s actions, and as vague as that is, just know that I really liked his character and the way he cared for Bailey. Bailey was hilarious, especially when her and Erica have their beach weekend. I especially liked the dialogue, and felt that it flowed more naturally than a lot I have read. I am excited for more from this series, and of course, this author in general.  4.5 stars!

What I'm Reading Now

By CJ Duggan

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