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What I Read This Week:

By Tessa Teevan

I really enjoyed Ignite and was so excited to receive a copy of Incinerate because I loved the little bit of Knox Wellington we saw in the first book. He did not disappoint. Wounded in the line of duty, he requires assistance now that he has been released from the hospital. Still bitter over a betrayal from years ago, he thinks he will end his days all alone. Charlie has also been betrayed in the worst way and isn’t looking for a man in any capacity. But, her volunteer duties leave her on Knox’s doorstep, literally. These two form a friendship amidst all kinds of sexual tension, and they are equal parts hilarious and exasperating. You just want to bash their heads together and say, “All right already!” throughout a majority of the book. But I still liked their banter and flirting a lot. Charlie is a strong female lead, and I Ioved her ability to take the guys on in the ring. She is definitely the kind of girl who can take of herself, and that is largely in part to being raised by her awesome father. I loved her dad, he was so funny, and the scene when he first meets Knox had me cracking up. Oh, and there were a few great peaks at Lexi and Jace from Ignite, one being their wedding, which was beautiful and my favorite part, actually. There was a lot of heat between the two main characters, and they tried to fight it relentlessly. My only issue was that they seemed to talk everything over repeatedly and that took away from their connection a little bit. Still, I liked it a lot and would definitely give it 4 stars and can’t wait for Lucy and Kale’s book, Inflame.

By JA Huss
I loved Panic so much that I had to continue on Rook and Ronin’s journey, but if you haven’t read it, then skip the reviews for this and the other books in the series that I read this week.
Rook is all set to start work on the Shrike Bikes campaign and Ronin is content to sit back and manage. If it could only be so simple. With Clare being in rehab and the bratty mess that she is, Ronin spends more time talking her down than working with Rook. While I hated that because I love him oh so much, it did give us more time with Spencer and we also meet Ford. I am not going to lie; I didn’t like him very much in this book, though he is intriguing. But Rook and him quickly develop this weird little friendship and it is so endearing that you can’t help but look past his quirks. Given the other people always on the outskirts, jealousy threatens Rook and Ronin’s relationship and it made me very nervous. The author does a great job of showing Rook’s indecision about the amount of independence she wants to maintain while trying to make things work with Ronin, and her “discomfort” during the prepping of the shoots and working with the other models.  I just really like the chemistry between all the characters in these books. They forge such strong connections that it is hard to decide which way you really want the story to take you. I am completely hooked on and already miss the characters even though I still have a couple more books to read! 4.5 Stars!!

By JA Huss
Oh man, the story gets crazy in this installment. Rook is off to stay with Spencer and Ford to film a reality show, and Ronin is working on a huge campaign, so the two are separated a lot. I hate Stupid Clare and the way she tries to insert herself all up in Ronin’s life. I was worried nearly the entire book, so afraid that something—anything, not just Clare things—was going to cause a rift in Rook and Ronin’s relationship. Rook has definitely grown since the first book, and I love that it’s because of these new people, her “team,” as well as her own strength and bravery. The girl has just been through so freaking much. Ronin is amazing and patient, as always, and he tries so hard to give her what she needs. My heart cracked open for him a few times throughout the story. But the end of the book has a lot of twists that had me on the edge of my seat, nervous as hell about what was going to happen to all of these characters that I have come to love so, so much. I adore the way Spencer and Ford are with Rook, Ford especially. At the very end of this book, my heart just broke the rest of the way, but for him, and it was the push that I needed to truly appreciate his character. The dialogue in these books is intelligent, witty, and though the writing style and flow are fast-paced, the way Huss manages to cram so much depth into the characters and storyline is commendable. Panic was my favorite up to this point. Which really only means that they get better as they go. 

By JA Huss
Well, the end of Panic left me wondering what had happened to the asshole in Ford. Not to worry, he makes a large appearance in this novella. That being said, it was amazing to get such insight into this character. He is so much more funny and charming on the inside than he is on the out, that is for sure. The scenes with Sasha were some of my favorite, along with the Chistmas Eve mass. The dude continually broke my heart with his thoughts of loneliness, but not in that pity party way. Given his nature, and his emotional issues, when he thinks something, it's real. It's not a quick "Oh, woe is me" situation, where you are left thinking, "Get over it already!" Nope, everything in his head is so genuine and, as short as it was, I really felt like I understood him. He is changing from that guy we were first introduced to in Manic. And I love it so freaking much!! I had one little issue that I hope will be resolved in a later book, but still, considering this is a novella and the amount of emotion and information I gleaned from it, I think it deserves 5 Stars!

By Megan Hart
I was able to read the third installment in Hart's five part serial this week. When we last left Simone and Elliot, he had royally screwed up what little progress they had made thus far. They bump into each other at a party, and it's go time. I was so glad to see Elliot stop resisting her so much, and they tried to keep it light and fun. Of course, there are so many underlying things that keep them both on edge and afraid of taking things too far. It really amazes me how Hart can manage to hook me with these little snippets! The ending of this was sweet, and my favorite one of the three I have read, since they are all little cliffs. 

By Megan Hart
Well, this one was so good. Elliot is almost like a different person, he is so sweet. And now Simone seems like the more hesitant one. These serials are very short, like 45 pages, but the author has a way of making you feel just the right amount toward these characters. I genuinely care what happens to them, even the side characters like Molly and Aidan, and am anxious to read the last book. Hopefully, I will squeeze it in this week. I am so hoping for an HEA for these two, but given the current state of affairs and that there is only ONE more left, I am scared.  

What I'm Reading:

By JA Huss
Ok, well I am about halfway done with this and so far, surprised with Ford, addicted to him too. He might just be the cutest, most adorable thing ever. Like cuter than puppies and shit. Seriously, I never saw it coming. My review will be up next week. 

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