Lea's Week In Review

What I Read This Week:

By JA Huss
Well, I bought this book almost a year ago and kept putting it off for some reason. Friends raved about it, but still, I kept it mixed in with all the others on my never-ending TBR list. I must say, I am kicking myself now for not having read it sooner. I loved it!
Rook is young, homeless, and has recently escaped a really bad situation. Oh, and she gets fired, so to celebrate this, she takes her last bit of money and treats herself to an overpriced coffee from Starbucks. One could think this is a dumb move, but it might just end up being the best one she's ever made when it leads her to an interesting opportunity.
 Which is where we meet hella sexy Ronin.  He is to be her new manager, for lack of better words, and their"shoots"together are pretty hot.  Given her background, Rook strives to be independent, a characteristic I admire and don't see enough of in heroines, but of course it causes problems for the characters. I really loved Ronin and can't wait to start on the rest of this series so I can read him all up!! I head they get even better as they go, too. 

By Simone Elkeles 
I read the first book in this series a few weeks ago. I was  happy to finally get the rest of Caleb and Maggie's story. The two parted ways at the end of book one, but are forced back together for a summer "project" that has them traveling to different places to talk about the very thing that ruined their lives. 
I liked this conclusion a lot. There were several points where I just wanted to smack them upside the head and say, "She knows and is waiting for you to tell her yourself, idiot" and "Why must you turn it into a confession, just let him off the hook already!" I felt bad for Caleb and his ridiculous string of bad luck and really wanted him to get some closure, and make amends with  his family. The story still developed quickly, didn't drag on at all, and I was definitely happy with the way things ended up!  

 What I'm Reading Now:

 Maybe Someday
By Colleen Hoover
And loving every minute of it so far!

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