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Destructive Silence & Destructive Choices 
by LU Ann
Destructive Silence and Destructive Choices are only two parts of Lacey's journey. Part three is scheduled for release in June of 2014.
My heart breaks for Lacey and what she endures in these two books. Every time the unthinkable happened I had to remind myself that Lacey is based on the author's real life experience. What a harrowing ordeal for anyone to experience even one of these unspeakable acts, let alone all of them. Oftentimes I found myself wondering how much more this poor girl could possibly endure. Since it is a true story the answer must be A LOT!

Honestly, I do think the books could've used more polish and some changes to allow it to flow better, but you can see a progression in the author's writing from Destructive Silence to Destructive Choices.

What you will find here is a story without any rose petals to dress it up. It's raw and visceral. Reading the book itself is enough to pull the reader into a black cloud with no happy ending in sight. Speaking of happy endings - you won't find one here. Two killer cliffhangers leave you right on the edge. Although sometimes real life serves us a cliffhanger doesn't it? My heart goes out to LU Ann for having the courage to tell her story and share it with the world. I hope we will get Lacey's (and LU Ann's) happily ever after soon with book 3!

Back to You (Dreams 1.5) 
by Faith Andrews
I LOVED LOVED LOVED this follow-up to Man of My Dreams!! Review to come on release day!!
Coming April 29

Off the Record
 by KA Linde
Liz  Dougherty is a reporter for her college newspaper covering local political races.  Brady Maxwell is the young and sexy candidate everyone swoons over.  Brady and Liz share an instant attraction.  However, Brady wants to win the election... so he can't have a serious relationship out in the public getting scrutinized.  He isn't willing to sacrifice the race, yet he wants the best of both worlds.  With minimal persuasion they are soon having secret rendezvous with made up names and stolen moments under darkness.  For me the book stalled around the 20% mark... but it did pick up in the middle and provide an engaging read in the end.  I found myself wondering if this sort of thing happens more often that we realize.  Liz is quick with her wit although I was disappointed with how easily she let Brady win her over at every turn.  This book had lots of angst so readers of the Avoiding Series will find it satisfying even with the change of setting.  As we've come to realize with KA Linde - we're looking at a three book arc to see this storyline through.  So don't expect an nice happily ever after all tied up with a bow.... we get a cliffhanger instead.  Linde did leave me wanting more... so for now I sit and wait for the next installment On the Record coming in August.

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Looking for Alaska
 by John Green

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