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What I read recently 

A is for Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen Curtis
This is a MUST READ for any KRISTEN ASHLEY fan! This mother and daughter duo go on a road trip to find their "Kristen Ashley Alpha Men"! What ensues is a fun, light hearted book with lots of laughs and nostalgia for Kristen Ashely book lovers! The main character was hilarious and I'll be looking for more Laurel Ulen Curtis books!!


Then There Was You by Melanie Dawn

Then There Was You is a sequel to So Much it Hurts by Melanie Dawn. You must read So Much it Hurts first. Melanie Dawn gives us a unique story. I love that her books don't follow the normal outline for romances these days. All I can ask for in a book is a well written, original book. Melanie Dawn delivers! 4 Stars for Then There Was You!


How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae 
This was a sweet and cute young adult novel! I loved all of the uber geek references and the inner dialogue. It was funny, entertaining, and a fast read! This is a feel-good book you can start and finish is one day and it brings you back to high school. I highly recommend Cassie Mae's books!

Twisted by Emma Chase  
Twisted by Emma Chase is the sequel to Tangled. This time around we get Kate's POV. She was funny and snarky (although not quite as funny as Drew). I like how she was "talking to the reader" throughout the book. We find Drew and Kate very happy at the beginning of the book (with quite a risque sex scene I might add). However, a misunderstanding soon leads to chaos. I thought the premise of the book was somewhat of a cliche and very predictable... yet, Emma Chase made the book enjoyable using her signature writing style. Sit back and enjoy Twisted! 4 stars!

Fearless by Rachel Van Dyken 
If I am being completely honest - I was a little disappointed in Fearless. This novella felt more like an extended epilogue to me than a full story. There was a lot of "happily ever after" for Wes and Kiersten (from Ruin) which was sweet... but after a while I was looking for something more. The highlight for me were some POV changes to introduce the next book - which sounds great. Please check out Rachel Van Dyken's other books - I am a big fan of hers. This one just fell short for me.

Sweet Little Thing by Renee Carlino
Will and Mia are incredibly happy. They have their apartment, a new puppy, and a wedding to plan. Except things don't always go according to plan.... but in the end they turn out even better. This was a cute follow-up to Sweet Thing told through Will's POV. It's the answer to all of your happily ever after questions. Both Will and Mia have matured considerably since Sweet Thing. They are confident in themselves, each other, and their relationship. What a joy it was to read about them loving life together. I also liked revisiting the old crowd. Sweet Little Thing was sweet, romantic, sexy, and fun. It's a short novella so I don't want to write too much and spoil all the fun - check it out for yourself! 4 Stars!

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