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What I Read Last Week

Black Box by Cassia Leo 
What a beautiful journey Cassia brings you with this book.  My heart just breaks for Mikki and how she had been destroyed by tragic events and how Crush knew he loved her from the first night he met her.  He was so broken himself and not only did he save her life, but she saved his.  This book is one emotional ride and Cassia never lets me down with an outstanding book and I give this 5 stars!!!

Pure Will by Kristi Pelton 
As much as I loved Will and Camden and how they were such a great couple, I didn’t agree with the ways he found to get closer to her.  They both suffered such loss in their life and Camden’s new start brought her to college and Will.   Will, being a manwhore, met her through her roommate.  The connection grew from there into a hot and touching relationship and I give this book 4 stars. 

Falling Into Us by Jasinda Wilder 
I had been putting off this book for awhile.  Why?  I don’t know because I love Jasinda’s work.  So when I saw that book three was released, I knew I had to jump into this one.  This book is the story of Jason and Becca from book one.   I love getting more into their relationship and it’s such a heartwarming story.  Jason, the tough ball player, had demons of his own and kept them hidden.  Becca seemed to be the one to help him and I quickly fell in love with them both.  I give this book 4 stars.

Falling Under by Jasinda Wilder 
WOW, I love this book!  This is book three and is about Nell and Colton’s daughter, Kylie, from book one and she’s now 18.  Nell and Colton are famous musicians and that is what she wants but she also wants to make it on her own.  Here comes Oz, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but boy can he rock a guitar!!  Not only do they make beautiful music together (in more ways than one, lol) but I love seeing Kylie growing into her own woman.  It’s so touching to see Oz starting to feel for someone instead of having meaningless one-night stands.  There is a secret in the midst of it all that I wasn’t expecting that blew me away.  One of my favorite parts was getting more of Colton’s POV.  Even though I loved him in book one, I love him even more in this one.  You can feel him struggling as to what are the right decisions he needs to make to be a good parent, knowing he was a bad boy himself.  Even though this book was not a cliff, there is one question I would like answered so I do hope to get one more book.  This is a great read and I give it 5 stars!!

What I Am Reading Now

Meant For Her by Raine Thomas

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