Danielle's Week in Review

What I Read This Week:

by Abbi Glines
4 Stars
It's been a while since I read any of the previous Sea Breeze series so I was a little worried I wasn't going to remember any of the characters but I was wrong.  I love the way Abbi Glines's characters interact in every book.  You really get to know them and when it comes time for their own book the truth comes out and they usually aren't who they portray.  That is exactly how I feel about Jess and Jason. 
 Jess is sort of a wild child and has entertained us with her wild antics in several of the previous books.  My first impression of her is that she is a wild slut that cares about nothing but having fun and getting laid.  She is so much more than that though.  She is a strong, loyal, independent woman who has lived a hard life.  Deep down there is a sweet southern girl who needs the right man to bring that side out of her and put her first. 
Jason is the brother of rockstar Jax Stone.  He has lived in his brother's shadow as long as he can remember and done everything his parents have asked.  He is tired of this life and wants to figure out what he wants and falling in love is not on his list.  If you have read any of the previous Jason has made an appearance here and there.  My impression of him was exactly what I stated above.  He was living the good life on the coat tales of his brother.  He seemed to be enjoying it.  But after this book you learn the truth.
Jess and Jason may come from different sides of the track but they are very similar.  They both has their demons and are struggling with figuring out what they want in life.  I enjoyed both of their characters and the chemistry between the two of them.  The one thing I didn't like about this book though is that is seemed short.  I wanted more interaction between the two as their feelings developed.  Overall, I just wanted more.  It is a good story and had a few twist I didn't see coming but I don't think character development was as indepth as previous books.  I'm hoping to get more of these two in the future books of the series.  

Maybe Someday
by Colleen Hoover
4.5 Stars
Review to come soon! I loved this one and the more I think about it the more I love it.   
Available March 18th

What I'm Reading:
Clipped Wings 
by Helena Hunting
Yes I'm still reading this one because to be honest I put it down to read Maybe Someday.  I'm hoping to finish this week.  

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