Danielle's Week in Review

What I read this week:

Tied With Me by Kristen Proby
3.5-4 Stars
I'm having a hard time with this one because I love Kristen Proby and the Montgomery Men.  I have read every book and I'm always looking forward to the next, but this book just fell flat for me.  The writing is great, the chemistry is hot and the sex scenes are all up to par with the previous books in the series, but I needed more!  Don't get me wrong, this is still an enjoyable read.  There are still several aspects of the book that I loved, but there were other areas that I think needed developed. 

 This is Matt and Nic's book.  I have been looking forward to getting inside Matt's head for some time now.  He has always been the protective and mysterious older brother in the previous books. Their relationship is sweet and the sex is hot but the rest is a little dull. Yes, there is a little BDSM thrown in there but it wasn't much.  I actually wanted him to be more of a Dom.  I think the characters were well developed and the relationship worked for me but I just felt like I have heard this story before.  I really enjoy Proby's books because she usually does something different.  There is always a little twist or turn that throws you for a loop, keeps the book interesting.  I kept waiting and waiting and when something did happen, I had already figured it out.  And I just needed a little more angst.  

This may be one of my least favorite books in the series but I'm still hooked and looking forward to the next book.  That reminds me, I missed the lead in to the next book you usually get!  Maybe I'm weird, but that little teaser gets me excited for the next one!  If you haven't read any of this series, I highly recommend it.  Each book may be about a specific character but the lives and stories of the rest of the family continue to develop throughout the series. You really get to know them and continue to see what they are up to in their lives.  I can't wait to see what else Kristen Proby has in store for them!  

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting
**arc provided by publisher via Netgalley for honest review**
3.5 Stars
I finally finished this one.  The fact that I could put it down and read something else in between tells me a lot about the way I felt about this book.  I liked it, but I just didn't love it.  The beginning of the book sucked me in but then it just came to a standstill.  I kept reading, waiting for something to happen, but it was just a tease.  This is a slow building love story.  The relationship between Hayden and Tenley isn't rushed at all and I enjoyed that. The character development as a couple worked.  You just never get the back story.  I wanted to get to know them more as individuals.  Why they were the way they were, what happened to them.  I felt like the more I read, the more questions I had. 

Both Hayden and Tenley are damaged and struggling with finding themselves.  Understanding who they are and where they come from, would have helped explain their choices.  Throughout the book, you are never given the full story.  You only know a little bit and that frustrated the hell out of me!  I had questions and I wanted answers dammit!  At times I felt as if I might discover something, only to be teased some more!  Hayden and Tenley are both so complicated. I felt like I was cheated out of getting to know them.  They both desperately want to love and be loved but are afraid to let go of their past.   I liked that.  I loved both of them.  The chemistry they share is intense and the sex scenes are hot.  I felt their struggles. I loved watching them grow and slowly unravel themselves from the fear that was holding them back,  I just wanted more of a conclusion! At the end I was pissed. Just when you started to get some answers it just ends in a cliffhanger!
This story is long, so I was so mad!  After all that time it ends in the most dramatic scene of the book!   After 400 pages I still have no answers.  I just don't see the point of that.   I will pick up the next book because I want to know what happens.  The good thing is the next book comes out soon so you won't have to wait.  

Play (Stage Dive #2) by Kylie Scott 
4.5 Stars
**arc provided by publisher via Netgalley for honest review**
I loved Lick so I was so excited to read this one and it did not disappoint.  Kylie Scott knows how to write.  Her characters come alive on each page and you can picture them perfectly.  Mal is no exception.  I freaking loved him!  He is so different from any other rock star out there.  He is exactly how I would picture a drummer.  He is a hyper, smart ass, goof ball that needs a large dose of Ritalin!  I wouldn't change a thing about him because he is also loving and caring.  This book had me laughing, swooning, and at one part in tears.  It takes talent to evoke those type of emotions out of a reader!  I didn't think it was possible for me to fall in love with another couple but I think Mal and Anne give David and Eve a run for their money! Pick this one up, you won't be disappointed!

Mal Ericson is the drummer for world famous Stage Dive.  You meet him in Lick but to be honest I didn't remember that much about him.  When you meet him again in this book he is a little bit of a mystery.  Yes, he is the typical man whore, rock star, but there is something more to him.  He is one of those guys that uses humor to cover his emotions.  He is a peacemaker and the life of the party, but you can feel something deep troubling him.  He is immediately taken by Anne.  She is the good girl he is needing on his arm to clean up his image.  Anne has had a major crush on Mal for years.  His poster covered her walls as a teenager.  Anne has been forced to grow up and take care of her little sister.  I loved her, she is a strong character.  She is caring and always puts herself last.  She may come as cross as a pushover but Mal has a way pushing her buttons and causing her to come out of her shell.   When her life starts to fall apart, Mal is the savior she needs.  The banter between these two is classic.  The relationship they share is unlike any other book I have read.  I really loved that.  I read several books a week and they all slowly blend together but this one stands on it's own.  

The only reason I'm not giving this book 5 stars is because I wanted more at the end.  I know that is petty of me but it left me wanting more.  Honestly, I could have read another 100 pages because I didn't want it to end. What I did love is the supporting characters.  I loved that Eve and David continued in the story and you also get to know several other characters as well.  I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!  If you haven't read Lick and Play, and you are a rockstar junkie, you are missing out!  I love these books!  They are fast paced and sexy as hell!  

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