Danielle's Week in Review

What I read this week:

Cupcakes and Ink by Helena Hunting
3 Stars
This is the prequel to Clipped Wings.  I actually started Clipped Wings before I read this one so I was a little disappointed with it's content.  When I started I hoped to get a little more insight into the main characters. I felt like this prequel didn't give me more than what I already read.  If I had not started the first book I probably would feel a little differently. I enjoyed it overall,it did it's job leaving me wanting more.  I was happy that I was able to jump right back into Clipped Wings right away. If I hadn't gotten the arc I would just skip this one, I don't feel like it is necessary and holds any big secrets you won't get from the first book.  

All of You  by Christina Lee
4 Stars
Last week I read Before You Break, book 2 in this series and loved it.  I was so excited to read All of You because I had already gotten to know Avery and Bennett a little bit in the second book. I just love Christina Lee's writing.  It comes across so natural and it's easy to get lost in the story.  The conversations flow and the characters are very enjoyable.  The story itself isn't very original. It is like so many other books, girl meets boy, they have to face some obstacles before they can fall in love, but it was unique because the roles were reversed.  It was nice to read about a woman being a "player" for once.  An extra bonus is the book is well written and the flow is great.  I didn't find myself having to reread parts like I do in so many other books.  Avery may be a little damaged but she wasn't annoying.  Bennett, well he is so sweet, sexy and caring.  My only complaint is that the book was a little short and it left me wanting more, because I fell in love with the characters.  You do get to see more of them in the other books in the series though.  I can't wait to read the third book.  

Craving Redemption by Nicole Jacquelyn
4 Stars
Craving Redemption is the second book in the Aces MC Club series.  I loved the first book Craving Constellations and was so excited to get my hands on this one.  This is a little hard to write because I think I need to be honest here. To say I was not disappointed would be a lie.  So why the 4 stars? Let me explain.  Craving Constellations was dark and gritty and I love those type of books.  I read so many MC books and some are great and some are meh!  Craving Constellations is one of my favorites so I expected this book to be more like it.  While reading this one I quickly found that it wasn't.  Originally I was disappointed by this, but once I looked at it as a standalone I realized it is a great book and well written it just wasn't what I expected.  Craving Redemption takes place more in the past then the present.  We first meet Callie in Craving Constellations when she comes charging into the clubhouse screaming and swinging around a taser.  The story quickly turns to the past so you can understand  why she is there.  I kept thinking things were going to go back to the present.   I was going to get more of the MC and hopefully see Dragon and when it didn't happen I was a little disappointed.  I found that it was a little slow at times and I was waiting for it to pick up.  When I finally realized I wasn't going to get what I wanted I accepted it and was able to enjoy the story more.  When I finished I realized it didn't need to be like the first book because it was great by its self.  Now I'm left waiting for the third book!  Nicole Jacquelyn is talented and I love her writing!  

What I'm currently reading:

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting
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