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What I Read Last Week

Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey
 Do you see a trend with my week in review? I grabbed a book by Tessa Bailey, and I was hooked. Oh my gosh, she is one naughty girl!! I fell in love with her writing, and once I started, I was on a one-click fest! I read almost this entire series this week.

Officer Off Limits is about Story Brooks, a young schoolteacher with an estranged father, and a nightmare of a fiance, who just dumped her, in an expensive restaurant, two weeks before the wedding. When her father suffers a heart attack, she heads across the country, running from her problems, more than running TO her father.

What happens next is too funny. She meets her father’s protégé, Daniel. Daniel is a playboy, and a hostage negotiator with the NYPD. Sparks fly as soon as they spot each other, but Jack, Story’s father, makes it clear they are NOT to date. Of course, forbidden fruit is always the sweetest!!

This book is full of emotion, hot sex, and it tells a beautiful story. The characters are developed beautifully, and I loved both Daniel and Story from the get-go. I loved Jack, and we are introduced to several supporting characters that I’m going to get to in my next review, Story’s best friend Hayden, and Daniel’s friends Brent , Troy and Matt.

There is just enough action to make it interesting, and a couple of surprises, and OMG, did I mention the hot sex? Tessa writes some HOT alpha males. Dear, sweet  baby Jesus, these guys are alpha males. I can’t get enough of her books. She is seriously stalk worthy. I give this book five big old stars!!
Asking for Trouble by Tessa Bailey
 This is the next book in the series by Tessa Bailey. I couldn’t wait to see what happened when Story’s best friend hooked up with Daniel’s friend, Brent. They had already had a run in or two in Officer off Limits, and I was anxious to see what REALLY happened there.

Hayden grew up in a privileged family. Brent is a working class guy. Even though Hayden has never taken what she has for granted, Brent sees her as a stuck up princess. He constantly pushes her buttons by calling her names and making cracks about her shopping habits and spending money. Honestly, it drove ME crazy. Hayden is actually a pretty good person, she work for her Dad’s charity and helps inner city kids, but Brent never bothers to find out anything about that.

Brent, on the other hand, works two jobs to help support his brother’s family. His brother is in the military and is deployed. He also has a younger sister who is in college, and he helps pay her tuition. He hides his second job as a mechanic from his friends, and he hides his intelligence and softer side (and a secret submissive nature) from his friends behind a brash exterior.

They both see past each others social masks, even though they spend a majority of their time fighting and bickering, and fighting a growing attraction for each other.

While this book wasn’t my all time favorite in this series, it was amazing! I loved the characters, and I loved how they interacted with each other. I loved how they were able to see past the initial impressions that they gave to each other, to the people that they really were.

As usual, Tessa delivered on the hot and sexy love scenes, and this time, there was a twist. I didn’t really expect it, and it was ca-razy!

I have to give this one five stars too. Plus, I have to say, I love Tessa Bailey!!

 Staking His Claim by Tessa Bailey 
 Best. Book. Ever!! Oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to start. First of all, have I mentioned that I love the whole, Brother’s best friend/little sister scenario.... If it is done right, it is so, so good. This one is done right. So, so right.

Matt Donovan has been roped into going to pick up his friend’s little sister from college. He has never met her before, but he knows she is kind of a trouble maker. Lucy is feeling kind of down, because her brother has foisted her off on her brother’s friend, he can’t even be bothered to come pick her up since his engagement. Plus, her best friend, who is supposed to be riding home with her, bailed on them. When she sees Matt walk in, she wants him, but she knows he won’t have anything to do with her, as the baby sister of his friend. So she tells him she is her friend.

What comes next is an exciting ride home for everyone! Matt is kind of dark and broody. His tastes are on the dark side (BDSM kind of dark) and he is a little tortured. I do like the dark tortured guys. He is just as Alpha as all of the other Tessa Bailey heros, and the sex in the book is off the charts hot. But, I have to say, this is my all time favorite book by this author. this guy has the dirtiest talk I have heard in a while. I was texting my friends all over the place with quotes. You know a book is good if you have to text your friends!

I HIGHLY recommend this book, and I give it five stars. 


What I'm Reading Next

The End of Innocence by Alessandra Torre

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