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Masked Innocence by Alessandra Torre
This is the second book in the Innocence series by Alessandra Torre. If you didn’t read Blindfolded Innocence, or The Diary of Brad DeLuca, please do NOT read this review. First of all, WHY didn’t you read those books yet? You have missed out on a sea of swirling confusion and yumminess. Second, this review will totally mess those books up for you. So, in the name of all that is holy, stop reading this review. Don’t read it and then say “OH, you ruined the first books for me.” No, I didn’t YOU did, because you didn’t LISTEN to me. You are just like my kids.... You never listen.

So, we are continuing the story of Brad and Julia. Brad was very persuasive in his argument to get Julia to agree to try a permanent relationship with him, even though she is still somewhat hesitant. She isn’t sure he can commit to one woman. She knows what a total man whore he has been in the past. Plus, she is scared that someone is going to find out about their relationship and it is going to endanger her job at the law firm.

Now, I hate saying this, because I always sound like a broken record, but if you follow my reviews, you know how I hate cheating, or reading about the main characters with other people. But this is a book about swinging. I don’t feel like I’m spoiling anything, because it’s what the book is about. It’s about Brad finding a partner that he feels like he can be faithful to, in a way that fulfills his sexual needs. He feels like he has found that in Julia.

My favorite quote from the book that sums up my feelings pretty well:

“It was like watching a disaster, and not being able to turn away. You know you shouldn’t look, but you ache for it so badly.”

Sometimes you look at the disaster, maybe four or five times, and book mark it, and share it on Amazon. I’m just sayin’.... (By the disaster, I mean the scene you don’t want to read, but you can’t help reading over and over again!!)

There are a multitude of other secrets, scandals, and other drama that unfolds during the book that keeps you turning the pages and eagerly waiting to see what happens next. This is a book that captures your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Alessandra has a unique writing ability that I have never come across before. She writes in first person most of the time, but she still manages to switch to third person to give you alternating points of view. This is something that is missing so much of the time in first person points of view, and it leaves me wanting more. Most of the story is told in Julia’s perspective, but we do have a little of Brad’s POV, and a little bit of someone else’s POV (You have to read it to find out!)

I can’t wait to read The End of Innocence in March. It can’t get here soon enough! I loved this book and give it five stars!

High Stakes Loving by Fiona Archer
  This is book two in the Kings Bluff, Wyoming series by Fiona Archer. If you follow my reviews, you know I loved book one, Chloe’s Double Draw (If you don’t, what are you CRAZY???), it had one of my all time favorite quotes in it. Will I find and equally awesome quote in this book? Will it meet the high expectations set in book one? You’ll have to read on to find out!

HSL can be read as a stand alone, Reagan and her men, Mike and Quinn are all introduced in the first book, but there is nothing that you can’t pick up by jumping right into this book.

I’m not going to bore you with rehashing the synopsis of the book you can read it on Amazon, I hate a book report review! This is a book that explores both a BDSM relationship, as well as a menage relationship. Also, where the heck are all these towns with the hot Doms roaming around everywhere? That is how you know it is fiction.

The story also touches on several other issues like Mike and Quinn’s past in the military and them finding their way back into a normal routine. Quinn has a different set of issues to overcome. Reagan has lived in King’s Bluff her entire life, and she is living in the shadow of a mother that was known for abandoning her. She struggles with a weight issue, and in turn has low self esteem. What Fiona Archer does with this story is so moving, that it almost brought tears to my eyes. I really wish more authors would touch on this, rather than give us perfect female characters.

Another thing that I loved about this book, and I often struggle with in Menage romances , is that I the two male characters tend to blend together or they don’t really stand out for me. One guy tends to take the lead and the other will take a back seat and not really “do anything” for most of the story. But both of these guys were really strong characters, and they each had a great part to play in the storyline, and while it seemed like Quinn was the go to guy for a while, Mike really kind of stepped up and took the lead toward the end!

Overall, this was an amazing book, and I totally loved it. Now.... For the quote!! Fiona is absolutely hilarious. There are several funny exchanges that are way to long to go into, but I have to share this one quote that had me giggling:

“You’ve backed away from Reagan like she’s just confessed to being a fan of One Direction”

I’m giving it five stars! 

What I'm Reading Next Week 

Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller

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