Review: LET GO by Heather Allen

Greylan Pace has been a fighter his entire life. He’s worked hard to get to the top as a mixed martial arts fighter but just when his time in the spotlight has finally come, events out of his control unfold, putting him in a very dark place.

After doing his time paying for his crimes he finds himself back on top. Going to battle in the biggest fight of his life.

But he soon learns that what he’s strived for means nothing in comparison to Mollie Andrews, the green eyed red head on the arm of his old friend. She takes his breath away at first sight. He fights with everything he’s got to keep his focus on his goal, but he knows for the first time ever that he’s going to lose, and it might not be the worst thing.

He’s in for the fight of his life but it’s not in the ring. Mollie Andrews could be the best win he’s ever had, if he can let go of his dream.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review* 


Let Go is one of those books that made me happy but yet my heart just broke for Greylan and at what he had to endure and how he had to practically start his life over.  It’s a heartwarming story and Greylan is definitely HOT!  I mean, one sexy fighter?  WOW!!

Greylan Pace has been a fighter all of his life.  He has just won a big fight and is working his way to the top.  Little did he know that the night he goes out to celebrate will end up being the fight for his life.  While trying to be the good Samaritan, he finds himself behind bars.

So now five years later, he’s back and starting from the bottom.  He soon finds out that so much has changed, people can’t be trusted, and his sister is with a fighter that he doesn’t approve of at all.  I felt so sorry for Greylan but yet really impressed at what he conquers in such a short time at working his way back up.

Little does he know that the one woman he fought to protect five years ago would come back into his life and boy did she!!  He can’t keep his mind off of Mollie or “Red” as I love to see him call her and he knows he wants her.  Much to his surprise, she has secrets and as they start to unravel, it could cost him his future yet again.

Greylan really finds out who his friends are and discovers a lot more than he bargained for.  I applaud Heather because this book had some of the best fight scenes I have read about and I could picture each scene happening as she described.  I really love seeing the love he has for his sister and he is so protective over the ones he loves.  He may be tough but yet oh so tender.  I give this book 4.5 stars and can’t wait for book two in this series.

Available 2/14

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