Review: IN THE LYRICS by Nacole Stayton

Hensley Bradley is the definition of the girl-next-door. She’s kindhearted, beautiful, and talented. Bored with her mundane life, thoughts of fleeing her small town begin to consume her. With aspiring dreams to use her voice as a one-way ticket, she suddenly discovers that music might not be her only passion.

After a fallout back home, Colby Grant decides to leave his family’s farm, determined to show his father he’s more than just a wanna-be country singer. With his All-American good looks, it doesn’t take long for girls in his new town to focus their eyes on him. But things aren’t what they appear from the outside, and it isn’t long until Colby feels he doesn't fit into the perfect world that so quickly embraced him.

A chance encounter places Hensley in Colby’s path, but it isn’t her natural beauty that first captures his attention – it’s her voice.

When love and music mix, will the combination blossom into a beautiful melody or wither into a heart-wrenching tune?

Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+ due to explicit language and sexual encounters.



This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read lately and Colby has quickly become my new book boyfriend.  Not only is he a singer and a true country boy but his heart is one of a kind and every woman needs a Colby in their life.

Colby has just left his broken home in Texas to move to Tennessee to start college.  He lost his brother and his father has become an alcoholic and he’s ready for a new start.  He also wants to follow his dream and become a famous country music singer. 

All it takes, on his first night there, is to set his eyes on Hensley.  Hearing her beautiful voice, he is a goner.

“I want you.  I’ve wanted you since day one.  Since I saw you on that damn corner, I’ve wanted you.  I go to bed aching for your touch and wake up dying for you to quench my thirst.  Do you ever wonder why I stare at you all the time?  I’m taking you in, drinking you up.” – Colby

Every time he calls her Sunshine, my heart just melts even more for him and when he tells her why he calls her that, it is so beautiful.

“Because my world was dark for a long, long time.  When I first laid eyes on you, things seemed brighter for once.  You didn’t know it, but I watched you as you prepared for your set, and you seemed so peaceful, like a ray of sunshine as it beams down on the world.” – Colby

I mean, who wouldn’t fall apart at that?  But, as Colby finds himself offered the chance of a lifetime to make it big, he turns it down for love.  If only Hensley would have done the same but no, she chooses her career and poor Colby is heartbroken.  I must say he is one of those rare finds that really left me breathless in the way that he sacrificed himself for her.  Now that is true love!!

With Hensley gone, Colby is trying to move on, but his heart and soul belongs to her.  I admire the love he has for her and how he doesn’t let her go.  When tragedy strikes and she comes home, he knows it’s his one chance to make things right and boy does he ever!!

“I want to make music with you every day for the rest of my life.” - Colby

Not only is this story beautiful and amazing, but everyone deserves this kind of love.  Their love is sweet, touching, and definitely rare and he is one book boyfriend that should stand out in any woman’s mind.  Even after all their time apart, I think it only made their love stronger and my only complaint is that I want many more books with him in them!!  Check out this 5 star read and see what you’re missing!!


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