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What I Read This Week

By Simone Elkeles
 Lately I have been hitting up my local library because, well, it's been a while and it's the best place to score gems like this. Leaving Paradise is a YA novel about pain and growth, forgiveness and love. Caleb and Maggie are two teens whose lives run parallel until one fateful night when they collide, leaving both their futures damaged.  
"We've been through so much, our lives are meshed and we're stuck in this web together. The sick thing is, I don't want to get out of it."
  I really liked the dual POV's and seeing how differently they were treated by their families and peers, which given the circumstances was quite the opposite of what I expected. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer, but I loved both main characters and quickly grew very attached to them. I and am currently on hold for the second book, Return to Paradise, and can't wait to see what happens next. 4 Stars.

By Jessica Sorensen
Fear and (Self)loathing in Las Vegas—that adapted Hunter S Thompson title almost perfectly sums up this part of Quinton's journey. This is the second installment in the Nova series, which deals with some heavy issues like suicide and drug addiction, and it's all pretty freaking depressing, for lack of a better word. 
"This has to be the bottom, right? There's no going up. This is it. Yet for some reason I keep walking, talking, breathing—living."
Parts of this book were a bit repetitive, though sometimes that made sense. Drugged up junkie ramblings, and all that. And a majority of this story made my skin crawl, for real, and there were even a couple kisses where all I could think about was, "When is the last time he's bathed, let alone brushed his teeth?" The romance between Quinton and Nova is an underlying aspect, hidden beneath guilt, sorrow, and addictions. Don't get me wrong, though, considering the shitty hands they were dealt, they each needed their own book's worth of crap to wade through in order to reach a place where they can rise above it. So, I am wanting the third book to give us two broken people who are healed enough to help each other move on. But, again, romance has been pretty far removed from the story thus far; it only exists as a glimmer of hope. But hope springs eternal and has me anxiously awaiting the third piece of the puzzle. So, bring on the happy! 4 Stars. 

By Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler
Another from the actual library! This book had quite an interesting concept. It takes place in 1996 and two high school students, Josh and Emma, have access to their future Facebook accounts. So naturally, they start doing things that change the course of their lives. This was kind of a refreshing read for me, since I have been immersed in romance lately. Oh, but there is still love-a-brewing, of course. I will say that even though I liked this book, it didn't quite measure up to Jay Asher's first novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, but the subject matter is totally different so it's not really a fair comparison. 

I'm Currently Reading

By Sara Wolf
I am only about half-way through this book, but so far it's freaking hilarious. Isis is a psychotic badass. 

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