Lea's Week In Review

What I read last week

 Chaotic by CA Williams
Chaotic is a story about Adelaide, a college girl who, after a certain incident, plummets down a path of self-destruction. Her mother sends her back to their hometown in North Carolina where she is to finish out school and hopefully get her act together. This book had some high levels of angst, which is just what I like. In the beginning, I wanted her with one guy and by the end, another had broken my heart. The sequel will be out soon so add it to your TBR but be sure to read this first installment! 3.5 Stars

Prince Charming by S Celi
I loved this book. Oh, poor, super-smart Geoff “Megadeth.” This is about a high school senior, completely over the social hierarchy of his little world and eager to move on with his life. Told solely from his perspective, we watch as he lusts after the school’s princess and struggles with the reality that maybe he alienates himself from people just as often as they exclude him. Geoff’s musings had me cracking up and I enjoyed the growth of his character, the life lessons woven into the story. Sweet YA read that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend. 4.5 Stars

 The Principles of Love by Emily Franklin
Love Bukowski(what a name right?) is a fifteen year old girl being raised by her father, a high school principal who recently accepted a job that required the pair to move—again. This book, the first in a series of seven, follows Love through her Sophomore year at an elite academy, where she meets new people and hopes to make a real friend, and maybe even a boyfriend. I really enjoyed the story. It was funny and sweet, and poor Love has to deal with some major issues—boy trouble, family drama, absentee mother...the works! I will definitely be continuing on with this series to see what will come of little Love. 4 Stars

Making Faces by Amy Harmon
Oh man, I really loved this book. Bailey and Ambrose, and Fern! Fern is one beautiful, honest and upfront person. I actually enjoyed every character, except one, in this book. The message it relayed was incredible and it is definitely one that will stay with me always. The entire blog read this together last week and we are working on a special review!

 Slow Burn by Nicole Christie
I really liked this book a lot. The heroine, Juliet, is just starting at a new school, one she transferred to so she could be near her boyfriend. The craziness ensues pretty much from page one! Juliet was a bit wishy-washy for a while, but she proved herself worthy of her man in the end. It was one of those books where you are reading and thinking to yourself, "No, don't do it, idiot!" So, a little angst, some tension, seriously disturbed mean girls, and a bunch of hot, funny football players, what more could a girl want? Juliet is full of sarcasm and jokes—inner dialogue and actual dialogue—and definitely not afraid to stand up for herself. There was a lot going on in this book though and it definitely kept me on my toes! 4 Stars

What I'll read this week

 Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorensen

 The Future of Us by Jay Asher/Carolyn Mackler

 Southbound Surrender by Raen Smith

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