Lea's Week In Review

It was a slow reading week for me, but I hope to 
make up for lost time this next week. 

What I Read This Week:

Lovely Vicious 
By Sara Wolf 
Kathy read this book on the blog tour back in December and absolutely loved it so I knew I had to read it, too. I finally got the chance and I am so freaking glad I did. This book is nuts. Isis Blake is witty and snarky and just plain batshit crazy. The things that come out of this girl’s mouth are shocking and laugh-inducing, but there are underlying issues, as with any good character. Isis has a secret, Jack has a secret, pretty much everyone in the book has something they’re hiding. At times, Isis’s behavior might seem corny and slightly immature, but there is nothing silly or childish about this amazing story. 5 STARS!!
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Savage Delight
By Sara Wolf
I just finished this book and though it took me forever to read, it was only because I was extremely busy. It's not a reflection of its unputdownableness. I would have read it in one sitting if I could. Obviously, it's imperative that you read the first book before this one. This is where the story goes from kind of fun and intriguing, to flat out what-the-fuck-is-going-on mode. It's seriously the most misleading series I've ever read. The covers and titles had me thinking "dark and mysterious," yet the slightly whimsical interactions in the first book had me thinking it would be a lighthearted, albeit hysterical, coming of age story. Yeah, no. Shit hits the fan, the walls, the furniture, and any other available surface in this installment of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. But, my questions from book one came away with questions of their own after reading this. I cannot wait for book three cause this cliff left me reeling, despite its slight predictability. I need the third book, stat!! 5 Stars!

What I'm Reading Now:

Three Broken Promises
By Monica Murphy

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