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 What I read last week

The Pairing by Katie Ashley
The Pairing is #3 in The Proposition series by Katie Ashley. It follows Pesh, the sweet Indian doctor that Emma dated briefly in The Proposition.
The attraction between Pesh and Megan was immediate. I have to admit at first I was upset that Megan resembled his dead wife.... It made his attraction to Megan seem very superficial. Thankfully, this was not a major plot point in the book and was quickly overlooked. With a little matchmaking they meet and talk they realize they have a lot in common, including careers (he's a doctor and she's a nurse).  Megan becomes interested in a no strings physical relationship, whereas Pesh wants the whole fairytale marriage that he once had and lost.  When the two become coworkers it becomes harder and harder for the two to ignore their feelings for each other. 

It was almost a gender role reversal in this story with Pesh assuming the sweet, romantic, and tender mate while Megan was standoffish and hesitant. There were many references to Pesh being such a gentleman and nice guy (which he continuously tries to refute).  Pesh did have a few secrets up his sleeve in the bedroom that I didn't see coming though. 
There were some definite heartwarming scenes with Pesh and Mason (Megan's son). Mason needs a loving father and Pesh is so desperate to be a father.  All of the toddler scenes gave me a smile.

There was a lot of interaction with the characters from The Proposition and The Proposal - I loved revisiting them. We were also introduced to Pesh's family and a few tidbits of the Indian culture which were interesting.
While the couple made a nice pair, I didn't find it quite as engaging as The Proposition and The Proposal, but it was a fun, quick read. A solid romance to enjoy! 3.5 stars for The Pairing!

Savage Delight by Sara Wolf
Savage Delight picks up where Lovely Vicious left off (you must read Lovely Vicious first... stop reading this review if you haven't yet).
Isis has amnesia from her traumatic experience at the end of Lovely Vicious. She still does not remember anything about Jack, except that he saved her. We go through the book as Isis pieces together the mystery in her head and reveals new truths along the way. We also see a softer side of Jack and his feelings. Isis is rooming with Sophia while she heals and they become friends......so we learn more about Sophia as well. What I love is that the trademark wit is still there. Isis makes me laugh at every turn. Her banter with Jack is full force again and completely hilarious. The words are so carefully crafted. Each sentence is bursting with flavor. Like a decadent dessert... I just can't get enough. Overall this was a great bridge between the first and third books. Sara Wolf leaves me begging for more! 4.5 stars for Savage Delight!

Unravel by Calia Read
I've been excited about this book ever since I read the first teaser for it!  It is definitely a mind trip... one that has you thinking for the entire book.  Honestly I just finished the book 30 minutes ago and I'm still not sure what rating I'm going to give it!  The bottom line is that if you like psychological books you will enjoy trying to decipher this story.  Partway through the book I thought I had the whole thing figured out... but in the end I was still surprised.  Prepare your mind... then settle in and enjoy this unique story.

Coming up on my TBR List

Sweet Little Thing (Sweet Thing 1.5) by Renee Carlino
Searching for Beautiful by Nyrae Dawn
Then There Was You (So Much it Hurts #2) by Melanie Dawn
Fearless (Ruin #2.5) by Rachel Van Dyken 

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