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What I Read This Week

Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken 
(sequel to Ruin)
Toxic is the story of Greg (Kiersten's friend from Ruin). Gabe is tortured from an event in his past. He has secrets no one knows about. It was interesting discovering so much about him that we had no knowledge or hint of in Ruin. The opening was a little slow for me - living in Gabe's head with his sad and depressing thoughts. Once we meet Saylor and Gabe meets Saylor the book heats up exponentially. I loved their witty and sexy interactions together. Saylor fit perfectly into the circle of friends and was perfect for Gabe. Their mutual musical affinities were engaging to read. I was a little bit torn towards the last part of the book when Gabe's history gets resolved, but I understand that it is a hard topic to venture in to (I can't say more without spoiling major parts of the book). Overall I enjoyed this sequel. 4 stars for Toxic! Full review to come on Stories and Swag in March!
Girl in Love by Caisey Quinn
(Kylie Ryans #3) 
I have to give props to Caisey Quinn... I thought this final installment was practically perfect! It felt real and honest. I was so happy that they didn't jump in and out of a relationship. They took their time to get to know each other again and also to heal from past mistakes. You could really feel their pain and the journey they took to get to their final happy place. I really felt like the experiences they overcame made for a very strong relationship. 4.5 stars for Girl in Love by Caisey Quinn!

What I Am Currently Reading

The Pairing by Katie Ashley

What I Am Reading This Week

Savage Delight by Sara Wolf
(sequel to Lovely Vicious)

Fallen Crest Public by Tijan
(sequel to Fallen Crest High and Fallen Crest Family)

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