Kathy's Week in Review

What I read last week:

An Exceptional Twist by Kimi Flores
I just love sweet and sassy books! This one has a lot of great laughs. Leah and Stefan had great chemistry and strong opinions. It was just the right combination for me. There was also a twist mid-way through the book that I never saw coming, which is a big plus for me! Pick up this romantic comedy today and enjoy! 4.5 stars!

The Good Wife by Jane Porter
Jane Porter writes books where the joy is in the journey - not the ending. The Brennan Sisters Series is realistic and heartfelt. They aren't romances - they're stories about women - the hardships they face, the bonds they share, and the love that brings them all together in the end. I love how they make you think... not only about the book, but about life. I do recommend reading this series in order to grasp the full beauty of the series without reading spoilers. Trust me - they are beautiful - and well worth your time! The Good Woman, The Good Daughter, The Good Wife. 4 stars!

Making Faces by Amy Harmon
It's hard to put into words my thought on this hauntingly beautiful novel. Even the synopsis doesn't do it justice. Amy Harmon makes us fall in love with such a unique cast of characters... all the while knowing their tragic fate. Knowing doesn't ease the heartache - it intensifies it. We have a full blog review coming up for this engaging 5 star read.

Girl on Tour by Caisey Quinn (Kylie Ryans #2)
Girl on Tour finds Kylie in transition with an introduction into the life of a new musician on tour, trying to make a name for herself while maintaining a new relationship with superstar Trace. While many of the plot points are similar to other books I have read in this genre, they are sadly realistic for young stars. This is a somewhat awkward but necessary book to bridge the gap in the trilogy and I am looking forward to reading the conclusion in the series this week and (hopefully) see Kylie get her happily ever after. I was also pleasantly surprised by the revelations regarding Mia. Her story was perhaps the most heartwarming. 3.5 stars!

Kissing Midnight by Laura Bradley Rede
I tend to turn to paranormal books when I'm looking for something different. This was definitely a unique storyline about a boy (Dev) who has to get a girl to fall in love with him every year. The girl has to kiss him at midnight for Dev to live another year. Unfortunately the kiss seals her fate to die. Saintly is his newest victim - who is willingly falling for his bag of tricks. Except Saintly has a secret of her own - she can see ghosts - and they have something to say. Each character and storyline was so delicately intertwined in this enchanting novel. The mystery slowly unfolds over time and is very cleverly crafted. Although the ending was somewhat unconventional I enjoyed this deviation from predictable romances that usually load up my kindle. 4 stars!

What I'm reading next

Scarred Beautiful ARC by Beth Michele

Deceiving Lies ARC by Molly McAdams
(sequel to Forgiving Lies)
Read my Forgiving Lies review HERE.

Girl in Love ARC by Caisey Quinn (Kylie Ryans #3) 2/4
(sequel to Girl with Guitar & Girl on Tour)

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