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Last year I found an amazing series that I am so freaking glad I read, and I reeled Kathy in, too! I tell everyone who will listen about it and am getting ready to do a re-read of the three books that have been released to date. That's right-TO DATE. There are more to come and I cannot wait to get my greedy little hands on them. The first book, Shark Bait, is only $.99! I am gifting three copies so comment on this post with one of your favorite high school memories and I will select winners tomorrow at 12pm EST

 Here is the series review Kathy and I did for another blog back in October.

Lea Says: Ever read a series that just has EVERYTHING you’re looking for? Do you know how hard it is to write a review about something you love that much? Books that you’d swear by? Well, I am gonna try to convey some of that in this review. Thankfully, I have Kathy to help me.

Kathy Says: I love a good YA novel. It's always nice to read something easy that brings you back to a time when life was simple. Back to when your only concern was what blouse to wear to school and whether or not the popular boy liked you. So when Lea urged me to pick up Shark Bait, I assumed I was in for a fun read. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was so much more than a simple YA. It was intelligent! Hi-larious! Engaging! I couldn't keep help but read it nonstop, until I was done with all three books!

Lea Says: “Shark Bait,” the first book in this series of awesomeness, sat on my virtual bookshelf for months—MONTHS—before I dove in. I didn’t remember anything from scanning the synopsis when I had originally bought the book, other than that it was YA-ish. Really, I would classify it more as YA for people who don’t like YA. Still confused? Don’t be. The books are about teenagers, yes, but said teens swear like sailors, think like mature, reasonable adults (for the most part) and reference the hell out of some 80’s and 90’s pop culture (along with a plethora of other awesome tidbits of uncommon knowledge). Amazing? Yes. Epic? For sure. Believable? Surprisingly so. 
All the “kids” involved in this fabulously woven storyline have reasons for their uniqueness, mostly founded in their upbringing. The parents that we meet throughout the series make me strive to be a better, cooler, more understanding one. 

“I mean it, Cameron. I don’t care if it’s Jesus himself behind the wheel, if He’s been sippin’ on His own homemade wine, you call for a ride home.”
Kevin Ramsey, Shark Bait

Kathy Says: I love that in this series the teenagers can be teenagers, though. It's not like Dawson's Creek where they “behave” like adults. They worry about things teenagers worry about and they speak like teenagers. Yet, the humor and the references are smart, witty. 

“I know I’m being overly melodramatic, but, this is high school and, well…this is the kind of stuff we teenagers live for, you know?”

Kate, Shark Bait

The cat and mouse game was so entertaining - they were constantly scheming to get the guy. Camie and Kate analyze every move that Tristan makes - where he sits, who he looks at, what he says... Every step is deconstructed. Camie's every move is calculated to integrate with him. It reminded me of the movie Clueless.

“Poor Guy. He doesn’t have a clue that he was busted before school even started that morning, or that we’ve joined forces to bring him to his knees.”

Kate, Shark Bait

Lea Says: Yes, a little bit of Clueless in there with the set-up and trying to get the inside scoop. I loved the way the girls orchestrated every single thing they did, they played everything so expertly. That totally reminded me of high school, and the whole, “Oh, my God, he looked at me when I said…. What does this mean?” This was nowhere near your average, new girl/big man on campus love connection. And though I still want to throw up when I see a bag of Twizzlers, the angst and tension between these two throughout the entire series thus far, is practically tangible. 

“Camie, I can’t. If I open my eyes to look for it, I promise you won’t need the shirt anymore and you sure as hell won’t be leaving this room any time soon.”

Tristan, Shark Bait

Kathy Says: Definitely. And while the girls were scheming, the guys had their own brand of funny. Tristan's wall of infamy was comical. Who else converses with their parents via a whiteboard in their room? Over a bra, no less. Jeff was just perfectly sensitive and in-tune with the ladies - wise beyond his years - especially for a teenager. And then you have Cami’s sister, or should we say the Invisible Nightmare?

“True, but Little Sister is patient and she's always watching.”
― Jillian,
The Other Fish in the Sea

Jillian reminded me of Veronica Mars with an invisibility cloak. She was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She was always one step ahead of the crew.

Lea Says: And in each book, we get a deeper glimpse of the anomaly that is Jillian Ramsey. Really, we delve deeper into each character’s life, and I love the various POV’s we get to experience in the second and third books. The guys’ being my absolute favorite male perspectives of all time. Hands down. Tristan and Jeff broke my heart right open in the third book, while simultaneously making me believe in unicorns and soul mates. As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that Tristan, Jeff, Pete and Brandon are four of my top guys in any books, and yes, I am aware that they are teenagers. But, they are some of the most sentimental guys, teenage or otherwise, I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

"Because every single moment I'm with Katy is the happiest I've ever been and to pick just one would be like saying the others don't mean as much."

The three books that have been released so far in the Grab Your Pole series (Shark Bait, The Other Fish In the Sea, and Shark Out of Water) have all abso-freaking-lutely been five star reads. The first book was hilarious and sweet, with only a small amount of pain. The second hurt just a little, and had a bit of a cliff that even had me (the cliff lover) antsy, begging for more and searching Goodreads for GYP chat threads. The third book was rough, but my favorite so far. I cannot wait for the rest. Jenn Cooksey has an amazing writing style full of wit and charisma, with levels of emotion that bleed out onto the pages, making you feel everything right along with these beloved characters.

Kathy Says: This whole series just put a smile on my face. It was a joy to read. I was a chain reader - inhaling each book back to back. Then, when I finished I was sad it was over. I was ready to read it again. Just writing this review makes me want to read them all again! If you love humorous, romantic mature young adult novels, be sure to grab up this series and take the plunge!  

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