Review: DEVLIN'S DARE by Sabrina York

DEVLIN’S DARE—Book 5 in the Tryst Island Series
A No-Strings Fling Becomes Something For Which He Will Risk All

Devlin Fox has always been a player. A horny bee flitting from flower to flower. He has no idea why the sexy minx he meets on the way to Tryst Island affects him the way she does. Arousal—for her—hits him like a fist to the gut and he can’t stop thinking about her.

But Tara Romano doesn’t “do” commitments. For good reason. When she proposes they be “friends with benefits,” Devlin can’t figure out why the idea annoys him so much. It should be the perfect scenario. A gorgeous, alluring woman who only wants him for his body… He wants, needs, more from Tara, so he hits upon a plan to turn their no-strings-fling into something lasting. A series of tantalizing dares—dares Tara cannot resist.

Angela's Review

Devlin’s Dare is book five in Sabrina York’s Tryst Island series. Although it is part of a series, each book can be read as a stand alone.  The previous couples appear in subsequent books, but it doesn’t ruin the books if you decide to go back and read them. You will also meet the other inhabitants of Tryst Island, should you decide to drop back in for another visit later on.

Whether or not you are familiar with Tara, she is one of a group of friends that frequent a rental on Tryst Island, an vacation retreat reachable only by ferry. Devlin literally runs into Tara on the ferry, each with their respective group of friends. They are immediately attracted to each other, but Tara is just ending a relationship and she is very commitment phobic. Devlin is only after a good time. At least that is how it starts out.

Imagine their surprise when they find out that Devlin is the food blogger that left a less than positive review of Tara’s popular bakery and left her struggling to pay her rent and utilities for the month. Imagine Devlin’s surprise when her revenge left him out in the cold.... Literally.

This is another amazing book by Sabrina York. I love her writing style, her wit, her use of words to bring a story to life. I loved Tara and Devlin. I felt their connection, and I loved them as a couple. Devlin was such a jerk as first, I love the way he evolved through the story.

The other amazing part of this story was Devlin’s brother Charlie. He kind of snuck in and took over a big part of the book. I almost want him to have his own book. Some of the best quotes I highlighted in the book were from his part of the story. He is an amazing character, and his story is one that you will enjoy reading.

Overall, I give Devlin’s Dare five stars and I hope you will read it soon!


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