Triple Review: MASQUERADE by Nyrae Dawn

A biker. A tattoo artist. A love to last a lifetime. 

Maddox Cross has always had to be tough. When his father went to jail for murder, the teenager took care of his sister and mother. Now on his own and working security at a night club, Maddox wants to become a tattoo artist-a dream that comes closer to reality when he falls for the hottest, most tatted woman he's ever seen. She's wild and beautiful, and Maddox will do anything to be with her.

Bee Malone came to town to open up her new tattoo parlor, Masquerade. Since being kidnapped as a young girl, Bee has had trouble getting close to anyone. But when she meets Maddox, she sees that under his hard biker's body is the sensitive soul of an artist. What starts out as a sizzling one-night stand soon becomes so much more.

Bee wants Maddox to join her tattoo business, but letting him into her life means revealing all her most intimate secrets. And as the past begins to intertwine with her present, Bee fears their love may not be as permanent as their ink. 
ARC provided by publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


Masquerade is book #3 in the Game series by Nyrae Dawn.  Charade and Facade (books 1 & 2 in the series) were awesome reads so I was more than ready to dive into this book! Masquerade is the story of Maddox Cross (Delaney's brother from Facade) and it is very important that you read Facade before Masquerade. 

Kathy) Maddox Cross is the strong and silent type.  In Facade I felt like we barely knew Maddox... he was always disappearing.   In Masquerade we see why.  He hangs out in the shadows watching people and working security at a nightclub. I kind of picture him as a Marlboro Man and every girl's fantasy.  Who wouldn't want to run away with him on the back of his motorcycle for a night?  I loved peeling back the layers of our mystery man and reading about what makes him tick.

Danielle) I also loved Maddox.  He is so dark and mysterious.  He is defiantly a man of few words. The few words he spoke made a huge impact.  I loved Bee's ability to open him up without even trying.  The two have a natural chemistry and understanding of one another. The way they communicated without words shows how deep their understanding of one another goes.  

Teri Beth) Kathy, Marlboro Man? I didn’t think of that but it works for him! Anyways, I was intrigued with Maddox Cross in Façade. I wanted to get to know him and his secrets. In Masquerade I got just that and I fell hard for him. As D said, he’s a man of few words but when he speaks you listen, his words mean something. He views the world differently because of the secrets and guilt he carries around. I loved seeing the changes that he went through during the progression of this story. 

“He’s real and doesn’t paint the universe as a happy place like so many people try to.”- Bee 

Kathy) I thought Bee's back story was really unique.  It's not a story that gets told often and the emotions were honest and heartfelt.  It seems like many writers fall back on the same old abused/abandoned issues for tormented characters so I was delighted to see something different, but equally heartbreaking.  Bee was so strong too - she kept her issues tight to her chest, and still offered support for others when they needed it

Danielle) Kathy is right, I'm so tired of reading about weak women with a traumatic past.  It was refreshing to read about a strong woman for a change.  Bee is not defined by her past but instead trying to figure out a way to find herself.  She isn't sure who she is.  I loved the way she finds herself as the book progresses.  

TB) As much as I loved Maddox, Bee made this book for me! She’s was unique but familiar at the same time. She was who she was, but yet, at the same time she didn’t know who she really was. Confusing, right? Her story was something so different from the norm. And then Maddox and Bee together, the way they connected and figured each other out and helped the other through their problems was absolutely beautiful for such strong characters.

“Neither of us gets close or uses words to show who we are, but we use actions. We both use strength as our defense.” --Bee

Kathy) Nyrae Dawn has such a way of writing complex stories that both break your heart and put it back together again.  Masquerade was no different, putting raw, ugly wounds up front and center... forcing the reader to really FEEL the turmoil of the Maddox and Bee.  She doesn't fool the reader into thinking there is a quick and easy answer to their problems. This was definitely a 5 star book for me! 

Danielle) This is one of my favorite series.  Each book has a unique story but is equally as heartbreaking. And Masquerade was a 4.5- 5 star read!

TB) I thoroughly enjoyed the ride that was Masquerade, which had some of my favorite characters of The Games Series, as well as giving me glimpses into my past favorites. While I would have liked more from a few scenes it didn’t take away from the story as a whole. Nyrae Dawn knows how to create an emotional, heartbreaking story with such real characters that you want to know them and be in the close-knit group of friends.


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