Review: DESTINED TO FALL by Tamsyn Bester

Destined to Fall Cover
When Cassey Emerson graduated high school 3 years ago, she packed her bags and left the dusty trailer park she called home in the rear view mirror. Since then, she has worked hard to give herself the life, and career, that she always dreamed of. As the Publishing Assistant at Knight Media, her dreams are slowly but surely coming true…

But something is missing…

Kyler Knight is young, rich and the heir to the multi-million dollar fortune that is known as ‘Knight Media’ – the biggest and most successful media company in Chicago. When his father decides it’s time for Kyler to learn the ropes as successor, he didn’t think it would include working with someone like Cassey Emerson. 

Their attraction is immediate and Kyler is everything Cassey should stay away from. He can’t give her what she wants, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. When one passionate night changes everything, Cassey must decide whether or not she can accept what Kyler is offering, or walk away from how he makes her feel. 

Suddenly, things change, lines are blurred, hearts are broken and Cassey is left to pick up the pieces after her hot, steamy relationship with Kyler becomes so much more… Can she move forward or was she always destined to fall?

*This is an Adult Contemporary Romance Novel. Recommended for readers 18+ *



If you’re looking for a book with great chemistry and a hot and sexy millionaire then this is one you want to check out. You will not be disappointed. 

Cassey had left home and started a new life and worked her way up a very successful media company. She had a hard life and knew she wanted to be better than what she grew up with. When she eyes Kyler, the son of the owner of the company, she has feelings she didn’t realize she could have. 

Kyler has never had relationships. He’s the typical manwhore who can never be tied down, but boy he is hot!! When he lays his eyes on Cassey, he knows he wants her in his bed. Neither of them want complications and agree to an easy arrangement with no strings. But…we all know how well those work out don’t we? Never. 

When they start having feelings for each other, you can feel how torn Cassey is and I am pulling so much for them to be together. She has so many issues to get past and when things happen to cause her to question Kyler that only complicates things a lot more. 

I always love seeing the bad boy being tamed and this one didn’t let me down at all. Kyler knows what he wants and goes after it. When he experiences heartbreak, he realizes how much he needs Cassey more than he thought and knows what he must do to have her. 

“You belong to me…I belong to you.” – Kyler 

I really enjoyed this book and quickly fell in love with Kyler. You could really feel how torn Cassey was over trying to decide what she should do to protect her heart. I love seeing how each of them grow from never having had a relationship to each of them feeling things they didn’t know they were capable of. Together they had a great connection and the heat is definitely there!!! I recommend this book and give it 4 stars.


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